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  1. Staff Update [31/05/18]

  2. Time to go

    Good evening everyone, Unfortunately it is becoming increasingly obvious to me that I am no longer able to continue in my position. I wish all the staff the team the best and thank them for the times together. Wish you all best of luck in the future of NR. Signing out, Stefan.
  3. Staff team overhaul

    Appreciate the comments everyone xo
  4. Community Manager Introduction

    Already very promising. Keep it up cayleb, I'm convinced you're right for this role.
  5. Staff team overhaul

    Thanks for the positive outlook on this Rytur, appreciated.
  6. Staff team overhaul

    BloodLust getting delayed is actually a good thing. More clans, a whole new combat system and a dedicated group to ensure it won't fail can only be positive. Construction is being released to beta testers today. A revamp of the staff team is great too. So yes, despite your sarcasm, you're actually right, we are going places
  7. Staff team overhaul

    Hello members of the Near Reality community. I am writing today as a result of me taking up the manager position once more. For those who are unaware, I spent about 3 months as manager back in the first half of 2017 prior to resigning due to personal issues. The role has once again been entrusted to me in view of our current situation with the team as a whole. There are some big changes on the horizon, not just regarding who will be part of the team, but also in terms of how things will work and be done from now on. This post is to emphasize one big change: transparency. Keeping everyone in the community updated about future plans helps everyone understand the rationale of certain choices. While we cannot provide sensitive information such as who is being considering for a promotion, things such as ongoing changes, and decisions that affect the team as a whole will be brought to light for everyone in the community to read. As of today, many things which either used to be routine or are new, will be implemented for the staff team: 1. Weekly Meetings The staff team used to have weekly meetings to discuss ongoing issues, to bond and increase communication within the team. As of next week, this will be happening again. 2. Monthly staff evaluations We strive to deliver the best service to you. We will be releasing monthly detailed evaluations within the staff forum where the administration team will be providing feedback for the rest of the team to improve. You guys will be informed of who did the best, in the form of server support and moderator of the month. 3. Reverse-feedback The admin+ team is far, far from perfect. Every so often we will be collecting feedback from the server supports and moderators, on how we are performing and strive to improve ourselves. 4. Community feedback Just as important. We aim to have two-weekly events where we collect feedback from the staff evaluation section. As an incentive the most thought-out (not necessarily positive) feedback -achieved through staff voting- will be given a prize. 5. SS-trialling The SS rank was always meant to be a trial rank. It will from now on be a defined 2 week trial with a promotion or demotion at the end of it, based on performance 6. Performance based staff rewards Every month staff testing will be carried out as mentioned above. The better the performance, the more tokens they will receive, which can be used in an all new staff shop which I hope will be out next week. Striving for performance improvement means a better experience for everyone. 7. Transparency and communication Not just with the community but also within the team. A much needed thing that has been lacking for far too long. All staff members is going to be aware of the most important issues, communication will not only be suggested, but enforced, and chemistry of the team will be enhanced by regular social calls, meetings and general communication in game, forums and Skype. 8. Staff issues dealt with by the staff team Mod Jacmob has been struggling for a while with far too much on his plate. As of now he will not need to concern about staff-related issues as these will be dealt by me and the immediate senior team. Less on his plate means more focus on server improvement. 9. Clear structure and roles Something which we used to have but has been lacking: defined roles. This increases organization and productivity as a whole, and encourages a multi-disciplinary approach the the team which in turn promotes communication and chemistry. I will be making heavy use of my advisors to take important decisions with me - this is not a tyranny. The administrators will be given defined roles to help out the community and lower team, while moderators and server supports will be made aware of their exact roles and what is expected of them. Lastly, I would like to thank Logic for his job as a manager. He has switched to an advisor position where he will not only post a significant contribution to the team, but will be responsible for issues that are solved via the administrator control panel. If you have any suggestions or any comments, please direct them to me personally or post them here. In the meanwhile, I promise that this will not be the last post of its kind. More changes will be coming in the near future, so stay tuned. Best regards, Stefan Near Reality Manager.
  8. Resignation from Torn

  9. long time no see (assuming this is the original stefan) ^_^

    1. Stefan


      That's me yeah xo

  10. Staff update [18/01/18]

    Hello members of the Near Reality community! I am pleased to announce the following changes to the staff team: Luckybamf has been promoted to Moderator Paganesque has been promoted to Moderator Luckybamf has been a very active and dedicated staff member. We all feel that these factors combined with his ability to listen, adapt and reliability has earned him a promotion to Moderator. Well done! Paganesque has performed very well as a server support and has come to be reliable and respected within the staff team. She has shown good qualities and we all feel that she will perform as a Moderator. Well done! Best regards, Stefan Near Reality Advisor
  11. United nations: Now open

    The applications are now closed. Thank you for all the applications, the ones who have been accepted have now been contacted with regards to the second step in the process. Regards, Stefan.
  12. hey the resident dipshit that thinks he knows how to run a community is back!! hey bro!!!

  13. United nations: Now open


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