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  1. First Comp Cape?

  2. Forums Notifications

  3. From 1 pin to little rebuild

    damn, not bad. Specially wit the current rates of dpin. NICE!
  4. Server is trash i quit rant.

    thats tuff.. wish u the best man
  5. what do we need more of

    The revs at north of castle drags was neat. Bork at ::di is too close to kq, so when magers try barrage on kq, bork come to attack aswell which is annoying (so please add some space between the 2 monsters). +1
  6. Quantity at Vote shop

    For people who want to buy something more than once at the vote shop, it's annoying for us. we hav to manually do it over and over again. I suggest putting in a box for the quantity, that way we can get it all at once and its easier.
  7. Special attack button and timers

    it doesnt show teleblock or ice barrage. I dont mean showing timer on spells on ourselves but rather spells we cast on others
  8. Glitchy game right now

    ye true, the invisible thing happens to me sometimes. Please fix it
  9. Special attack button and timers

    1) Suggesting you guys should bring back the spec button that used to be on the screen. Even though it was in drax's NR, I don't think there's anything to lose if we do add this. CHECK OUT THE PICTURE TO SEE THE OLD SPECIAL ATTACK BUTTON 2) I know you guys have added timers for vengeance and brews like Sanfew Serum, which tell you how much time you have left. I think it would be cool to do the same for other types of things like ice barrage or teleblock. It would be pretty useful Cheers
  10. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Username: Manipulated Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory): YES Are you an experienced NHer?: No Rate yourself as an NHer 1-10: 5-6 Do you have any clan experience?: Yes Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?: Shavers Recruited by: bluegatchu
  11. Staff Update 1-14-19

    why arent u ex staff



    ye, I actually like the idea where we/someone pitches in at least 500m for prize.

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