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  1. Hellhound task from duradel

    This needs to be looked at, I tried the same 2 days ago and skipped over 100 tasks and only got 1 Hellhound task, it's strange when you get blue dragon tasks as every second task but Hellhounds are rare.
  2. Attack speed of Craw's bow is the same on all 3 attack styles.
  3. Some Nostalgia for the Old Guys

    Pure pking damn those days.... To bad it isn't a thing on current NR

    Lost case @I hate spots shutdowns, resets and overall fuckups...
  5. Skilling Pets

    @crucio Oof Gz.
  6. #bbe

    another pvm clan again..?
  7. remove bp from shop

    +1 on this, it used to be that bis item and used to be worth 20b+ because of the struggle to get it as a drop, when it was added to the store the price of the blowpipe crashed to 5b and even below that, it's the bis range weapon so it should be expensive as fuck.
  8. Hey Guys

    @Kevin are you the guy using ahk?
  9. Hey Guys

    Have to agree here, please fix diz shit!!
  10. Just @crucio

  11. ight

    @crucio was about to ask you the same by looking at frogs pics

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