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  1. 75 guests on forum

    Pretty sure the guests are some kind of bots, 3 members and 103 guests on atm.
  2. Past-reality

    Id like to know the same!! @doicare loc??
  3. send hate mail to devs here

    Nice video
  4. Near-Reality Downtime

  5. Blood Keys

    Also if someone pick up the key with out any items on, they keep it if they are killed with protect item on. That's a bit strange, shouldn't it be always dropped on death? maybe the one that picks it up from the loot pile also get a TB and freeze so it would be difficult to get out of wildy?
  6. Lets see them kill logs

    @wowzaa. Noise!!
  7. @Arham Above has still not been corrected, the bow would get a whole other use if it was corrected.
  8. How to avoid being PKed and safely wild PVM!

    Sik guide dear!
  9. Skilling Pet Benefits

    ty @Sldmark
  10. I am I Hate Spots

  11. Recover Special Potion

  12. Recover Special Potion

    Kinda useless nowdays since the pool in poh works? but why not, used to be ingame
  13. Strads Introduction

    Hi there!
  14. Hellhound task from duradel

    This needs to be looked at, I tried the same 2 days ago and skipped over 100 tasks and only got 1 Hellhound task, it's strange when you get blue dragon tasks as every second task but Hellhounds are rare.

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