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  1. dont try and pk me while im pvming

    Looks like you can now afford to abandon PvMing and become a full-time pker.
  2. Game Updates 13.1.5 | 13 May 2020

    Let's get pking

    - All minigames should give you a warning in regards to if they're safe for HCIM when you attempt to teleport to the minigame. - If you die at the HCIM level, you will be able to continue participating in the regular Ironman pool. - Yes, you are allowed to donate for ranks in order to obtain a slight advantage. However, you cannot transfer current ranks or existing pins to Ironman accounts. To gain such an advantage, you must donate directly from the account you are using in this competition. Best wishes, IKU
  4. Six-Year Anniversary Events | Moving Forward

    Raids are genuinely in the process of being worked out. As for how long it will take, it is hard to estimate. However, Ham has a solid game plan for it and there is a solid team of devs in place to get it working. Unfortunately, I reckon it will take some time as it will require heavy testing, especially since there are so many mechanics involved. As for PvP, there's somewhat of a game plan there. Again, unfortunately development takes a long time and requires extensive testing after adding new things or even tweaking them. NR has the potential to be a solid server again, but it will certainly take time, effort, and consistency from Jacmob. Keep an eye on it and see what happens, that's about the best you can do. Community involvement for testing would be huge. Even if there were a reset, it would ensure all content added up until that point would see the live game and be stress tested by the players that are still here.
  5. Skilling Pets

    Somebody definitely spawned the farming pet for you, smh. @crucio
  6. While everyone is in a FFA...

    Big plays
  7. AFK Glacor Guide

    A staff member teaching the community how to abuse game mechanics, love to see it!
  8. What kind of split do you guys follow?

    Pick up the phone, order the pizza, walk down the stairs to get the pizza, walk up the stairs with the pizza, set the pizza down, and finally pick up slices of pizza and move them into my mouth until they're all gone. Boom, intense workout complete!
  9. Game Updates 13.0.22 | 28th December 2019

    All of the islands, except LDI were properly calculating.
  10. Game Updates 13.0.22 | 28th December 2019

    Well done, Ham!
  11. UIM Spectral giveaway

    Here's your winner! Congratulations #14!
  12. Relaunch information - Change of date

    Who r u?
  13. Relaunch Updates | 23rd November 2019

    Nex is a female character you absolute potato. Get it together.
  14. Relaunch information - 23/10/2019

    Hello all, I personally was not in favor of shutting down at all. I wanted to show you that we are genuinely dedicated to you, the community, by staying live and gradually introducing all of the enticing, exciting content and updates that have been promised to you. However, if there's one thing I know about Jacmob, it is that he knows how to bring in players. His downfall is his inability to properly care for the server, which causes an inability to retain the masses of players that have been part of our community over the past three years that I have been here. With that being said, I will be opening myself up further this time around to help keep things orderly and on track. I hope to be involved in the prioritization and strategic planning of development and duties during our downtime. I refuse to present another flawed relaunch attempt. It is not only a waste of your time to play a flawed server, but it is also completely embarrassing to be a staff member and try to promote something that you're not proud of. We, like you the community, are also players of the game, and NR is something we love, wish to enjoy, and see others enjoy and gain the same love for NR that we have. I truly hope you stick with us and continually give us feedback on how we can improve. A server is only as strong as its players' involvement, which means your feedback and assistance has the utmost importance to our growth as a server and staff team. I hope to get you involved in a preliminary beta prior to relaunch, because then we will be able to properly assess our development and identify any existing flaws. It would also give you a chance to be a part of our future and get your voice heard before the launch is finalized. Thank you all and I hope to see you in the near future to enjoy a properly developed Near Reality. Best wishes, IKU
  15. [Resigned] Sldmark

    Thank you for your service, Marko Polo! As always, it was a pleasure having you around. Hope you continue to check in! Take care buddy. Best wishes, IKU

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