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  1. Suggestion was accepted. Nex now actually deals damage and it's actually a tough boss. We will talk with the staff team regarding the drops for more than one player. Thank you for your suggestion, Juan.
  2. Hello community members of Near-Reality, This update doesn't include content releases, instead, this focuses purely on bug breaking issues that we have been experiencing during the start of the week. * A huge code flaw was fixed that caused many wasted CPU cycles, as a consequence, this introduced exponentially growing lag to every player when someone was sending projectiles (Either dragonfire shield, arrows or mage projectiles from Npcs or Players). * Withdraw x has been finally fixed. * Daily tasks have been fixed. * Presets should be fixed. You must not experience a
  3. Hello community members of Near-Reality, First we would like to thank you for the warm reception from your side, we hope you have been enjoying this time as much as we are! After launching we stumbled upon some issues that went unnoticed during testing but we successfully managed to tackle them down. This update will cover those issues and what will be next. * The donator store failed to provide the credits to the user who donated although we do know who donated and how much, we will handle those credits manually over the course of the day. * Accounts were getting nulled after d
  4. Hello, this guide will help you set up and run your MacOS launcher. First, head to and click on the Mac portable option to download the launcher. Once it downloads, extract it right clicking it and then clicking "open" After that, there must be a folder called "NearReality-Launcher-MacOsX" Proceed to open it and browse inside the following directories: Contents/MacOS/. After that, you should see the executable. If this is the first time opening it, open it with control + right click and click open. otherwise, just d
  5. What problem are you getting?
  6. You shouldn’t have made that exploit public. On my way to fix it
  7. All our current OSRS items stats now match the OSRS item stats. Perhaps we could list you some of the main items of RS3 that have been balanced to be in the pair with OSRS ones?
  8. Thank you for your guide! I hope you enjoyed the boss as much as a I did. I must admit what a challenging boss to code! edit: I’m aware of some issues in killing the monster with melee. That will be fixed soon.
  9. Post vorkath gg photos. and also tell me the boss experience, was it good enough for you guys?
  10. Unbelievable in only 3 days you did this many fixes and updates?

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