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  1. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    If anything needs to be added to the drop tables super rare items from super and legendary boxes should be added to spice things up and get people more interested in obtaining them.
  2. Eco Fix Idea

    bring back zaryte bow + saggi , blowpipe is already op why not just add something even more op
  3. Skotizo Boss / Purple slayer

    @Spank @Zackary The combination of all heads or helmets would be a great item sink and make the op slayer helms extra rare. There would be very few psh in game until more tsh + rsh come in game and the purple slayer value would probably be 20b+ this way and would be worth the value with high demand.
  4. Skotizo Boss / Purple slayer

    This is a suggestion post for the Skotizo boss! The idea is that this boss could be an instanced boss in which you can kill once per day. This boss could be like a daily boss similar to a daily task. This boss is not hard and would not take max gear to defeat. The arclight could be introduced into game in order to kill it much faster, and the arclight could be best in slot vs nezikchend demons and all other demons. Skotizo drops: Shadow claw, used to create the purple slayer helm. ( this helm is a combination of all other slayer helmets, This helm would be nice for raids coming up to reduce all the helm switches and could give people more of a reason to do vorkath, sire, and wildy slay). You would need to combine all of the helmets + shadow claw to create the purple slayer. Skotizo pet (Skotos) Arclight A 100% elite clue Jar of Darkness Since this is a daily boss we could add in drops to sell to the general store in the 50m range (rune bars/torstols/diamonds) Feel free to make suggestions on drops and droprates + more.
  5. Game Updates 13.0.21 | 21st December 2019

    Really solid update and hydra is running pretty smooth other than the pools might have to be enlarged to neutralize the hydra. Thank you Arham !!
  6. Uimpsy's Birthday Lime Giveaway

    happy bday dog #56!
  7. This is Goodbye

    Catch ya next release !
  8. few suggestions

    This is what the people want !
  9. Petition to remove Bandos Avatar

    the loot is not even that good, in a week all that shit will be junk other than the top few items.
  10. rare frag shop

    Yes +100, We need Zombie gree gree, regular monkey gree gree, colored h'weens, santas, phats, and moree

    Crucio, The bitchsmacker of all dreams
  12. New Lead Developer

    Lets gooooooo Welcome BenB !!
  13. Droptables

    I kinda feel like the corp at ::rdi is useless and could be replaced with something much better
  14. Katana Giveaway!


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