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  1. Near-Reality v14 | June 27th, 2020

    Least you've done something right for once in the past few years and that's by bringing Arham to the table and also Optimum is a big step up cause that boy can code!
  2. Six-Year Anniversary Events | Moving Forward

    It'll be a right knee slapper when the excitement for raids dies after a week.
  3. Advertisement?

    Raids is a myth I've gave up with this shit server, it's legit went nowhere since it's re-opening. Will has to go and hand the ownership over to one of the Developers for shit to actually happen on this server so that they're not relying on payments from that cunt lol.
  4. Kinda curious...

    December 2009, think it was V3 or V4 can' remember and my old username was 'Magic'.
  5. Signature

    I'll make you one that will fit yer profile.
  6. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    Nothing compares to our staff team back in 2017 were things went smoothly and our efforts to improve the community were taken into consideration, now the place is just a farce. #bringitbackpls!
  7. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    The amount of suggestions that everyone has thrown into the section along with the huge list I have given them should take a couple of hours to implement, not weeks as it's basic elementary coding to what people want changed/added to the game. Raids is an exception as does it take allot of work with allot of testing to be done to it but 'Juan' is the one that's in control of this project and I assume this is a solo project if Arham is pushing out content of his own. This could be all down to the payment both of developers are receiving and in the end it should be Will that faces any sort of backlash for any rant being aimed at a developer as he should really be practicing what he preaches as he doesn't seem to be doing allot for the community and everyone is seeing that now.
  8. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    Support this thread 100%. @Arham even though you're just a developer for the game, why is it taking weeks upon weeks for simple content & fixes to be pushed out ?
  9. Game Updates 13.0.23 | 13th January 2020

    Thanks for some of the updates but could you view my huge suggestion list located - There's allot in there that can be done within the space of a few minutes that could impact the game greatly and would be beneficial for everyone.
  10. While everyone is in a FFA...

    The lulz if you dced
  11. Eso my boy #1 bridder.
  12. Cruz's Resignation

    Fuck off ya beast, don't come back.
  13. Few Suggestions

    Update - Few more added to the Forums & Misc section.
  14. Jimba's retirement

    Good luck with the new contract and your future endeavors bud!
  15. Few Suggestions

    I'm glad to hear that and hopefully others will to.

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