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  1. Combat Megathread

    +1 Claws don't hit... (everyone uses ags or korasi) Korasi is pretty broken, I would understand a SMALL nerf godbows just smack through range pray I feel like vls hits 0 or high so ehh not bad.. defense could be higher +1
  2. Buying 10 dpins NRGP

    Buying 10 dpins NRGP pm me or post below.
  3. selling ::die

    pm me 'Failmuch'
  4. ::Di & ::DIE Change

    +1000, made a post kinda similar to this a little bit ago. Would be cool to upgrade slowly with something like pins or bonds to the next island. Each bond or pin or whatever for di could be worth like 1 or 10 points, die at like 2 or 20 and then save up for rdi which is at like 25 or 250 points.

  6. Boss pets

    +1 also thought of this. I'm down with this, could be kinda cool.
  7. Boss pets

    No need to focus on them, not sure how hard it is to code and stuff. Just some ideas I had.
  8. Boss pets

    Make Corp drop a corp pet. The dark core is 1 in 2k so corp could be 1 in 3k or 1 in 4k. Make the nex and td pets a little bigger (I think they are too small). Add a Nezikchened pet. (1 in 4k?)
  9. Please add this back in game

    +1 gachi yessir

  11. Star

    +1 support this I do
  12. bandos drop suggestion

    +1 lol unnoted sad seeing makes me
  13. Crawling hand pet rework

    Since the double slayer points was taken away, I believe that the crawling hand pet has a toggle option. When toggling on, the slayer task is extended. I can see how some people might use this for tasks like cerb allowing you to get more drops. However, I do not think that most people use this option. I was thinking of another other option that might be interesting to add instead. I was thinking that it would be kind of cool when you get a new slayer task, like 2 or 3 options of bosses pop up and you can choose from one of them for your task. This might be hard to add because you would have to determine who has a pet and who doesn't. It might be easier to add in the game if you could get to this interface by right clicking your pet. One example would be: right click pet -> get new task (an interface pops up with slayer master and gives a few boss options to pick from). Another idea could be that your pet allows you around 3 or 5 tasks that you can skip every 24 hrs. Do you guys think that any of these would be more useful? Do you guys think that the pet is fine how it is atm and these options are too OP. Let me know what u guys think. Thanks for reading.
  14. Credit Pin

    Hey all, I have a new idea for a dpin called a "credit pin". People can essentially donate for a: $10, $25, $50, $100 credit pin. I have had this idea for a while now and decided to make a post. How it would work (A few options): 1. It would work just like a di or die pin where person A donates lets say $25 to the server and they choose the credit pin option. They can now claim it for credit, or they can sell it to person B for NRGP just like a normal pin. Person B could then claim it and would receive $25 worth of credit as if they donated. 2. Same concept but person A donates $50 for credits. They use their credits to buy a credit pin they can sell for NRGP. 3. Person B gets the $25 status donated but does not get the credits. Similar to rdi and ldi, at around 400 and 1000 dollars people can get a different status with a new island and commands. This could also be at $400 and $1000, $300 and $800, or $500 and $1000. The rdi and ldi status would be similar(could even be a different name so those who donated get their rdi and ldi credit for donating). Still working on this part to see what commands people could get etc. Please leave ideas below. Pros (I can think of): Could lead to more donations to the server People can save up for $400 worth of credit and can get rdi status (can be changed to something similar to rdi) Another step up for those with the die pin (another island with more monsters, new commands) People without a lot of money irl can get credit Cons (I can think of): Rdi might get more populated with people people didn't spend their money irl for their status To those who don't agree with people claiming pins to get rdi or ldi: I can see people with rdi and ldi not liking this idea. They payed for the status and the island as well as yell chat will be more crowded. The status could be similar to rdi where the color is different next to your name (purple or another color...) People could get the yell and/or bank command. They get a SIMILAR island. Very similar, so rdi will not be crowded. Another way to obtain $5 or $10 credit pins: Right now there is a guy at trade that acts as an item sink. You can get rare fragments and turn them in. Every once in a while make $5, $10, or $25 credit pins available. I believe that this could help the econ a lot. However I can see people not agreeing because nobody donated for $5, $10, or $25. just an idea I came across. I am still thinking of new ideas so PLEASE feel free to comment and share ideas below. Thanks to all the staff and players that read this.
  15. Bear Squad [PK/PVM Clan]

    IGN: Failmuch Why you want to join: so I don't get pked while killing monsters Where you have the most trouble with "PKers": revs

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