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  1. Staff and Events.

  2. Staff and Events.

    You literally stood outside wildy, ran in and spec teled OBV YOU WONT WIN WITH THAT TACTICS!!!!!!!

    Obv you say dharoks tourny..
  4. #BEG OR DIE# recruitment

    I will be waiting at Rev entrance and my squad will be waiting to kill you all. 100m for off for 3h
  5. BlackNans 4-0 1 Hour

    Keep that pray meele up
  6. BlackNans 4-0 1 Hour

    4 random kills. lucky rng is all I see
  7. Change your passwords.

    Its allways a database dump or what ever, never ever you guys admit leaks on your side lol
  8. Future of the wild/bloodlust

    We see these kinds of posts all the time and one thing has remained the same, no team will come.
  9. favorite clanning moments in your NR history

    This is what pking is all about. Look at that all you Edgeville pkers.
  10. Thank you. It once happened to me but then you could lever in and out
  11. But if you are inside the arena, you can't lever out for 20k seconds?!?!
  12. So if I get a blood key at mage arena, I am fucked
  13. Joe's Services

    @Joe that you

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