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  1. Just @crucio

  2. Prayer Drain Rates - Wilderness

    I feel this is something that could be done, as blood buns stated the amount of time it takes to go from 99 prayer down to 0 whilst getting attacked is unreasonable, I could be 99hp and a guy with a lime could hit me through protect from melee and if I didn’t eat betimes he has killed me I’ll still have a good 30 prayer. I support the 15% buff the same as 07 but as digi stated hopefully doesn’t drop faster like it does with 07.
  3. Staff Update 2/4/20

    Brilliant well deserved promotions. Staff team looking strong.
  4. What's up?

    Pleasure meeting you.
  5. Advertisement?

    I see staff doing a lot of events and obviously voting is a big one... everyone is quick to moan and say devs fault staffs fault ect, at the end of the day if every person that replies to this with “I agree” etc just votes it wouldn’t be an issue, the fact you already get rewards for voting staff shouldn’t really have to do more events just to get people to vote.
  6. Effects of Full Vesta/Statius

    There is no effect like that with Vesta as stated by mlkshake more then likely a dragon hunter lance.
  7. LDI Prayer

    Seems a good idea gives people more of an instinctive to donate for Legendary status.
  8. Can you atleast reply to my PM.


  9. damn buddy where have you been?

  10. Selling 07 for irl

    .70$ a mill for all?
  11. pay 2 play FFAs

    Needs a more in depth structure to your idea and then could be interesting. Until then my input is invalid.
  12. selling 20m 07 paypal

    Hit me up i'll buy all for the right price.

    Nice work mate.
  14. Donation Refunds

    Sent my proof to you Via PM

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