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  1. u say dollars but ur status is still normie, drop those v-bucks, kid, and get gold.
  2. IS this still alive?

  3. Kyary


    dont remember you, but hello and welcome
  4. I'm kyary, been playing NR for about 4 years; I'm usually on and off the server due to IRL responsibilities, but I always come back when I have the time. I enjoy PvMing, I don't know how to PK, and I'm usually poor. I live in Florida and I'm married, I have no pets but I have 1 kid.
  5. Hey , welcome back, I hope to see you online
  6. Hello Everyone! My name is Kyary, I've played Near Reality for sometime, I've seen it gone to hell and back, and one point I stopped following. I see that it's up and running again, even in the top 5 of Runelocus, thought I'd drop by again and invest some more time into it. Looking forward to playing with some of you!
  7. sell me a ccb

    1. xx chase

      xx chase

      If you sell me a DVD

  8. slide me a lime

  9. Kyary

    Dat Me

    I'm kyary, I've been playing since last year, April 4th 2014 , I think. 2manyResets, 2manyBills down the drain. server is iight. #fuckhackers #fuckajob Kiss Kiss Kyary
  10. good job on fixing the voting, devs :) will be worth voting now

  11. pking aint shit but money loss and risks

    1. A7mad


      its all for fun afterall :)

    2. Maddog


      couldn't disagree more :D except for the risk part which btw is fun

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