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  1. Pj its multi? You do realise that right dumb bot legit first time we bottherd hitting you guys, but it will be alot more off that we will close your mass recruited vennie team borders are closed retard
  2. A old topic from hp boards, we used BP for rspses when we were missing core officials so dont get ahead off your self retard
  3. Bang bang real kai btw? If so dm me on dc
  4. Lmafo ngga said what? In what year did you steal ours you mean? We have has this since 2008?
  5. 5more hours to the doors open lads
  6. Gl hope to see you guys in singles aswell dm me if u wanna set up something Bp leader-
  7. Hia old friend it been a minute thanks g. With nr back maybe worth make vids again?? those were the best especialy with new players thinking you jullage em i miss that nr :/ Ty ty Ty ty
  8. for real ty g Your as delusional as ever great cant wait to shake some sence into you again
  9. Oh yh malia we will fr fr

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