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  1. Launch Events

    Pog, these are going to be so much fun to host!
  2. Jason Bourne World Boss

    lmao actually pog idea, I even had to gravedig respond to say this.
  3. Near-Reality Infinite Launch Info

    Im excited to see you all in game! Let's make NR great again!
  4. Yo!

    Welcome back, glad you are here!
  5. Development Blog | February 21st, 2021

    Pog, thanks to the dev team and other members of the staff team for the great work.
  6. Yo

    Nice to meet you, welcome to the family!
  7. A wild Gengar appeared!

    Welcome to the family JP, we are glad to have you!
  8. Development Blog | February 14th, 2021

    Thank you Opti!
  9. is RDI worth it.

    That would depend on what you consider worth it in all honesty. I achieved LDI because I have spent alot of time on this game and did spend alot of time back then as well which LDI helped boost and improve certain aspects of game play for me. These aspects include the shops, and monsters located on the LDI island but also many other things. It would just depend on how dedicated and what you would like out of your game play experience
  10. Community assistance

    At the current moment, the staff team is doing all of the beta testing. We will be sure to let everyone know if there is further assistance needed. We really thank you for the kind offer and appreciate your support and patience! Stay tuned for the update tomorrow, its a good one! Sincerely, Death
  11. Top 12 PKers error

    I should be #1, but I don't know where the wilderness is located.
  12. Development Blog | February 7th, 2021

    Bis dev! Thank you for the great improvements and continued advancement towards the launch!
  13. Hi im Barters

    Hi Barters, Nice to meet you!
  14. Iron P, Into

    Welcome back, nice to meet ya!

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