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  1. I am very old. Very Very old.
  3. i had a friend trade me his d cape for the simple fact to show ive gotten 0 from moles and to use this for a picture only.
  4. How is this even real? Game does not make sense. 8 pets yet 0 capes. Give me a break.
  5. I agree. As of right now, I have 7 pet moles and currently still grinding for a d cape drop. The 7 moles in my bank will sit there and be starved forever. A different suggestion would be once you gather a certain amount of the same pet drops (5 in my opinion), you should be able to clear them from your bank and have an advisor+ spawn an item of your choice from the drop table of that NPC. I would highly doubt this would cause any sort of problems with eco or inflation as only psychopaths' and nerdos are grinding the same NPC for a drop. (Ovo and Caveman) 8 PETS NOW, 8 OF THEM
  6. Look at title. Pm ingame - Schackel
  7. Username: Schackel Pic of KDR: Ingame Status: ::rdi Do you have Discord?: Yes Any hybriding experience?: Yes, been awhile but always down for some brid and multi pkin
  8. Ign - Schackel I need the l00ts! DH edge wild is deserted, taking my talents to the clan squad

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