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  1. If you would like, we can have any staff confirm that's not my alt. I doubt that you know more than staff members
  2. Let me go on a bit of a rant. This man has been supporting players on this server for multiple relaunches, and we all know there has been quite a few of those. Constantly during his time in help chat he will answer some obvious questions. In my personal experience he pretty much was my source of knowledge when it came to Near-Reality. This man actually asks for feedback on different changes that can come in the future, we need someone like this on the staff team. If you guys ever experienced any similar situations or feel the same as I do, leave a comment down below, I believe he earns some re
  3. God spell staves - god spells Ahrim's staff - ancients I believe both of these instances should be able to be autocasted but at the moment is not possible.
  4. Username: Gamer Blitz Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory): Yes Do you have any hybriding experience?: No Do you have any clan experience?: Yes Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?: BBE (older NR) Recruited by: Green Bombs
  5. Selling a handful of pins for OSRS, pm me ingame or leave a message here.

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