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  1. Hi, I am Michael

    welcome and hope you enjoy ur stay!
  2. Near-Reality Downtime

    glad to see you finally came to this, hope believe,
  3. Game Updates 14.1.1 | 12 July 2020

    im sorry if you take this as a flame i know that you might not be the reason.. but Raids loc? game loc? players loc? as i said.. when you released without raids.. you lost ton.
  4. v14 Release - July 1st, 2020

    gotta say i am looking forward for this. i will try the game once more on this release. hope to see ya all online miss ya!
  5. Community Outreach

  6. Till i see you again

    Ok so i have ended up at the line. I have been having alot of second thoughts about actually making this thread but i feel like i have to explain. I have been here for a very long time but i have never seen the server going downhill this fast ever before. except when people know its a shutdown or eco reset coming. The combat update was completely what fucked it up completely for me. i do love both pking and pvming and yes i may suck on both! So lets get to TOPIC JACMOB: I dont think i have met a single owner that doesn't want to discuss things with the community before pushing major updates that will completely change the way of life of the server untill i met you. I was shocked.. And there was so much things that had to be done before you pushed this update. Like for example testing how hard will pvming get when i push this update? do i want to force players to play like this before we fix it. Do i loose players faith if i do this?. Yes jacmob you lost alot. I can say that at this update you lost mine. And especially when you got online and i was trying to talk to you about a small thing as cerberus boots not being Best in slot anymore. You didn't listen. and you were being ignorant and disrespectful. I was trying to discuss this with you to make you see clearly that we arnt OSRS. i mean we have limes, thats better than Ghrazi rapier! We have Celestial staff thats better than toxic staff of the dead! and i can almost bet even if you read this you will still be just as ignorant and not seeing the problem. JACMOB MISSTREATMENTS: AND FOR THE NOTE I DID ASWELL TRY TO GIVE IRON SHANKII LDI TO GIM REKT ASWELL. So their wasnt any Total donation added just the rank swapped between gim rekt and iron shankii. and that was the EXACT way that mula gave zack ldi. even though i saw it through they still didnt say anything. but after i made a statement to will he came clean about this. Ok so i think the pictures speaks for themselfs. and i am sorry Zack if this gets you in to some kind of problem. I just want everyone to have the same rights.. I remember on first day of the gim competition seeing 2 Full teams of LDI was making me curious. I know that 1 team was completely Staff. therefor they need Ldi to get a big headstart on the competitions and yes they actually did get a big headstart. They won 3 out of 5 competition. but fuck it i dont wanna be a big whining bitch becouse thats what you ''leaders'' see this as... Ingame Content for EVERYONE: Ok so i do believe i speak for everyone in this matter. Lack of commitment to push things we report. things we want to be major Updates that needs to be pushed. AND THAT IS NOT MORE CUSTOMS! this just prooves us more and more that you want us to spend more and more money... becouse Now we see it infront of us.. just staring at us.. pick me pick me.. i dont have any trouble saying no to donate its not what im saying.. its just that this wasn't really something that was required to make the community happy. How can you think this was more important than for example put a pkp/ship ticket store for ironmans. Why did you not buff arclight so its just as strong as DHL? You do not run a osrs server. you run a osrs based custom server. so custom stats are required to make a item BIS. DROP RATES/DROP TABLES i know this isnt just me.. but drop rates.... Theirs a few item that has been reported in to be WAY to rare.. and i do believe you can think out wich one im thinking of becouse it literly takes 20 seconds to fix this but you are just BEING ignorant to the fact that ppl has requested it. YES! its the HOLY ELIXIR! we have requested this FOR MONTHS no answers.. no replys. not anything Drop tables Few monsters needs big big big REWORK on the drop table.. but i cba to tell you again.. becouse you wont listen.. I can go on for a while.. but these are the MAJOR reasons to why i am quitting.. i need to think of my health and having this kind of leadership isn't healthy for me.. contact me if you actually will start to listen. And you know how if you actually want to.
  7. Till i see you again

    i didnt think i had to explain that mula? but who was ordinary in ur team? i know them all. but since u clearly dont know i want u to figure that one out. and i allso want you to see the diference of having 1 ldi 1 rdi in ur team. and the others have 3-5 ldi that are on top. but hey who cares eh? well clearly not you. áll you want is those pixels
  8. Till i see you again

    did you read the grey text below the links? i know ppl that has traded over their INFERNALS from iron to their main or swapped from main to ironman without donating.... this was all for the misstreatménts, and not specifically focused on the infernal..
  9. Till i see you again

    I can allso say that the last hours on the server was the most fun i have had in a long time sharing my wealth!
  10. Game Updates 13.1.6 | 31 May 2020

    much agreed
  11. Game Updates 13.1.6 | 31 May 2020

    erm question... how can you even say a thing like ARCLIGHT buffed...... ANOTHER FEEDBACK IT STILL sucks...... lava outhits it still.. and so will lime. and so does bp by far.
  12. Game Updates 13.1.6 | 31 May 2020

    oh and allso that pkp shop for ironmans to be finnished
  13. Game Updates 13.1.6 | 31 May 2020

    thanks for the update hope slayer helm gets fixed by next update to work on wilderness tasks
  14. #NOMERCY

    mumi you left us? :S
  15. GIM Season 4 Prize

    is it 50$ for each or is it split between the members? becouse you cant do much with 100 credits :'D
  16. Hellhound task from duradel

    i did already make a thread about this mate, i hope they work on it soon
  17. Game Updates | 20 May 2020

    dont see why gano got nerfed but i guess its all becouse of ancestral.. buff cerberus boots a little next time. othat than that it looks good. keep it up
  18. PVM Combat & Slayer Helmets

    the one thing i think is that this was pushed way to fast. but i do love the idea of slayer helm being only on task. but the thing was that before these changes you should of had tweaked the hp + defence on some of the monsters you already knew were being hard already. but then again misstakes are made. and i am still a player that loves this server. and i really look forward for these updates. Love to see that you actually read what we are saying on the update threads. (am not saying i didnt believe that)

    Second Bis boots were supposed to be guardian boots.. but now its huh what? not guardian boots they are still the WORST..... Nothing is worth grinding for atm. the item nerf has just made this freaking ridicilous. items has been nerfed bosses remain the same as they were before. some are unkillable. i do believe you can save this situation by actually listen to us what do we like about nr. what do we do on nr. well yeah some ppl pk. they want better gear. some ppl pvm they want better gear. everyone wants better gear... no one wants to be going around in full rune and trying to hit at nex.. (except if ur leaching like Beard) what im saying is. you nerfed way to many items... WAY to many. prims pegs eternals. like WHY would you nerf them this hard... and especially if the monsters we are killing have such high amount of hp. i really do not understand how this will bring more joy to the server. i REALLY dont,.
  20. Abyssal sire - droprate remove the clue or dont have it at same drop rate as the unsired. allso fix the slayer bonus on task vs this monster. Cerberus - To much hp for a really low droprate. hits to often and u burn down on ur supplies really really fast ( and yes im regarding for all us struggling ironmans out here with low supplies) Zulrah - to much effort for this right now. Hydra - burns ur supplies to the ground straight away. allso to much hp with our item base. Kree Arra - way to high defence you should be able to hit it more accuratly than u are. bandos avatar - To much health for our Slayer helm nerf. Nex - if u want to duo or solo it dont try it anymore... to much health for no slayer helm. Scorpia ? no ty... burning ur supplies even in max mage bloodbarraging luminasient ice fiend or whatever their name is. yes burns ur supplies for little reward. plane freezer burns ur supplies for little reward. nomad to much hp and burns ur supplies. corp ouch without slayer helm. (allso fix drop rate for elixir) vettion? just no no no ty... to high damage and without slayer helm this gonna be a bitch to kill. Vorkath - to much hp.... takes to long to kill becouse u cant step attack during the poison spread. bulwark - to much hp without slayer helm Hope devourer - to much hp without slayer helm pheonix to much hp without slayer helm. slash bash to much hp without slayer helm. Avatar of destruction/creation hits to high so you cant use the old method of ss with max str to out heal the damage taken. now it takes to long time to kill for a Very low Reward. The most time consuming npc in the game for literly no rewards. Herb secondaries or actual more pots and yes ''NOTED'' to drop tables for bosses. Slayer helm doesn't work on abyssal demon task vs - abyssal sire Slayer helm doesn't work on vorkath with blue dragon task. slayer helm doesn't work on cerberus with hellhound task.
  21. Information regarding Near-Reality 2020

    thank you for the this info! cant wait for the next big announcement!
  22. Game Updates 13.1.4 | 6 May 2020

    very nice!
  23. remove bp from shop

    They already did increase the shop prices on certain items...
  24. LAUNCH DAY!!!

    Hells yeah!!

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