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  1. Lamps for life

    Whats wierd here?
  2. [750M OSRS] Road to Completitionist

    please fix highscores for this event.
  3. Lamps for life

    This will propably be ruined after i post this.
  4. So who's here from before 2015?

    I started in 2013/2014 cant remember exact.
  5. lime and lava

    Agree. But pures could use them too back in the days
  6. First to all 99

    COOL im in pic too
  7. drop rates

    Hey all. Nice to see you. I just want to say that i enjoy the server as much as u do. I guess more people will agree that the drop rates needs a fix tbh. Example: dh 1/10 for item. I get 5 axes in 8 kills. Blue dragons: 1/5000 for pet? doesnt make sence.. and dfs 1/3500 from black dragons. The server will overfload in barrows, and rest of the items might take years to get. any opinions on this?
  8. SixPathsSage

    This is PVP?
  9. New Ideas, Share Your Opinion

    cosmetics = Nty.
  10. Pure PKing

    gl i will smite u
  11. Types of Pkers

  12. Hey old NR playa

  13. Hehe

    i remember u. i usd to high risk u alot back in 2013. i dont have my old forum acc tho.
  14. Elo and Ranking System

    cool. what will be drop table be like? many make a post of that please.
  15. PVP Drops

    Will there be the old pvp drop system? With limes, deg vesta, rapier etc? What Version was that?

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