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  1. The NR Veteran

    Hi there, thank you for taking the day of your life to read this introduction of mine, I will help keep it simple and I'd like you all to know me. This introduction is also gonna include a couple of pieces from the game itself, the game we all love to hate. I will start of by introducing myself. Hey, so as you got from the title I'm a NR Veteran of sorts, I don't wanna put this as some sort of trophy or anything, I've just juggled back and forth from this game since as long as I can remember. I've gone by many names of course and the funny part is that I can't even use this forums name as an account name anymore. I'm the player known as "Sqyppex" in todays NR, it's kinda funny to say NR as it sounds like a firm and I feel like I'm introducing myself to my day job. Hey this is John Smith with Accounting and Business Management, I'm just kidding of course. I'm from Norway and my name is triple agent Z for those who asks. Childish? I know, but I'm not here to tell you my name, height and shoe size unless you feel the need to send me some fresh clothes and shoes. I'm 20years old born in 1998 and have always loved this server, and to me it's been the only ever RSPS I could think of that feels like home and I remember when this RSPS was hitting the toplists of runelocus with lots more active members than it has today. I remember trying a few other Runescape Private Servers with the names of Silabsoft, Moparscape and probably plenty others. As I mention other private servers I'd like to share a story from a past RSPS I was on, for those not interested just skip it and move on down to where I talk about Near-Reality and my concern about this Runescape Private Server that I like to call my home. As a veteran of this Runescape Private Server, I very much want to not end up like a homeless man on the streets in a few months. I will make sure to throw in a tl;dr for those who don't like reading. Keep in mind I'm a bad story teller so its probably the best to read the tl;dr lol. Anyways, the story! So I remember my friend and I looked around for Runescape Private Servers for hours and suddenly we came upon this close knit 30+ player server. We didn't think much about it and it felt like a fun Runescape Private Server. Anyways it was relatively fresh introducing these "New" skills that other private servers steered away from. And trust me when I say that this is where the fun began. I wanna mention the skill Summoning which is the skill most Runescape Private Servers stayed away from at the time due to how bugged it was. Me and my friend discovered this loophole as it was these Summoning followers that could attack people anywhere. Anyways the story follows with me and my friend summoning these followers and luring a staff member to our location "asking for help". He was the only one online at the time and through killing him, we received this overpowered dagger that could one hit ANYTHING. The staff member as clueless as he was didn't know what happened to him or the fact that we managed to obtain his powerful knife and our next move went on to PKing. I guess you can sort of imagine how it went pking with a one hit dagger. So my one friend, which was a pretty decent pker at the time used this dagger as his secondary. Making sure he conceals it well and hit up to 70's making these fake reactions like it was pure luck. Some hours went on and suddenly this other staff member that liked to PK logged on. We went on to lure him to pk my friend, and he caught notice that my friend had the powerful dagger what went on shortly after is something similar to the Falador Massacre with me and my friend going on a rampage spree with our followers, each having a powerful dagger and probably closing down the server for good. I forgot to mention that we obtained a "potato" with the powers to kick, ban and do a bunch of stuff and considering that the staff members couldn't kick or ban us I think they were given a potato each from the owner to perform commands with. tl;dr > Found a RSPS that allowed the use of the Summoning skills and discovered this loophole in some followers that made them able to attack players anywhere. Lured a staff member to us, killing him and receiving these powerful staff items like the powerful one hit dagger that could one hit anything and a staff potato. We did PKing and bossing using the daggers, and used the potatos to gain invisibility, etc. Server turned out into a field of chaos and before we knew it, it was shut down. "I wonder why ;)". For anyone that made it this far, cheers! Near-Reality as we know it is at a low player base and even though I've heard the words of "Near-Reality is dying" for years now I'd like to think that this private server has become a grandpa. With the bunch of bugs that I've spotted in-game including how familiar all the things are I just feel like "grandpa" is the right term. I can tell the life of the private server is declining much like a old person and how old people often get issues with their vision, hearing and so on. I use these words to explain "bugs" and so on, trying to sound smart, but in truth I got just enough IQ to open the door and go to the toilet every now or then. Anyways in my opinion, even though I feel like there is progression to be seen in forms of updates and bug fixes NR feels the same it felt like back in 2014. Even with this economy that I so much as hate with players running around trading whatever the amount billions, gazillions. I feel like I can't even keep track of it anymore. The issue in my opinion is that the pricing and the amount of cash you can receive from mobs are still too high, making people wish for a restart after 2 months as they have achieved gazilliards of money and all is left is to sit and trade donator pins with the hopes of earning some few bucks on OSRS. I wanna make a list of things I hate and love about Near-Reality, read it or not this list will stay here in case you feel like scrolling down and taking a peek. Pros: - Stayed the same as it has since 2014 mentioning ::trains and ::shops which hasn't been changed at all. - Has some nice features like "Stars, star shop", custom items, and events hosted by staff. - Nice Staff Members. (Nice and helpful, doing what they can. - Nice community. (I've spotted some nice members out there) - Updates/bug fixes (every now or then). - Hybrid between PK and PvM. Cons: - Economy. (Feels like it needs a reset cause people own gazillions after 2months) - Old Grandpa. (Wears the same old shoes he's worn since 20years ago, etc.) - Bugs, few updates and wrong updates. (Revenants, changes to wildy slayer. Trying to force PvMers to participate in dying to the few pkers on the servers cause of the meta of money making, etc in wildy gets better). - Too many staff and some pretty inactive. "I see inactive staff members get promoted, and stay in power" - Custom items. "In terms of PKing the custom items give, unfair advantages where you might as well have a "powerful dagger" at one point. - Infrequent Events. "Staff decides to host events whenever they want, no specific dates or times when events can happen". - Hostile community. (For people, new to the community. Some of the people talk unmannerly, uses lots of swear words and shows open hostility towards other players on the forums and in-game without action being taken) - Hybrid between PK and PvM. ("Wilderness is dead" is a quote I often hear on here, mainly a PvM RSPS community "as of current".) I feel like I haven't added everything and post might be edited and new things might be added if I discover something I didn't think of during this instance of writing this thread. Agree or disagree, I don't want your hostility and I don't need you to voice your own opinions. This is simply my opinion and my introduction. If this is where you want to shed your voice of anger and hatred then take it somewhere else cause I don't care and I don't wanna care. I've simply voiced what my opinions are. I know I've started subjects that might want to be discussed or people disagree or agree with, but if you wanna discuss it then take it to a thread of your own. I wanna thank the ones that have taken their time to read, I know it's a bit long but I guess I also had a lot on my heart that I wanted to let out. Take care out there, and hopefully or maybe Near-Reality happens to change somehow or never. I might make a separate thread in "Ideas" if I feel like it. Take care out there Near-Reality members old or young, and I guess I will see you around. - Sqyppex

    So I should go and turn in my emblems so I can get that juicy 2M cash and probably die in the process, thanks anyways there chief. That's pocket change for a guy like me. - Z

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