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  1. I hate spots is a decent pker but no match for I only Pk @Oi Ali would agree if he is not a hater
  2. @phinoy1 lol hi, i used to be the guy who dropped you at revs and you complained to mama’s haha my memory is insanely good.
  3. @Rytur I remeber you ... I always used to drop you when you went Gano
  4. Ahhh that makes sense I remember you though @sociopath aka ‘most likely to get banned’
  5. @Digi22 i actually remeber Nhing you and dropped you everytime because you didnt know how to NH
  6. To be honest I dont remember you 2 either but Hi!! I usually on NH pked Nd Ragged wana be pkers.
  7. Hi Everyone! does anyone remember me? ‘I only Pk’ is my ingame username.
  8. Excellent update: - best update being you loose deg armour if you die in pvp while wearing it. p.s I did like the random aspect of the dfs and dks made things more interesting.
  9. Juan is a hard working mexican #MakeNRGreatAgain

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