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  1. Launch Events

    Good luck boys and girls
  2. Jason Bourne World Boss

    Don’t know why this idea wasn’t more heavily considered. Such a shame.
  3. Near-Reality Infinite Launch Info

    Hi bud. How’s your day?
  4. Near-Reality Infinite Launch Info

    The economy sucked. We have removed and/or reduced cash drops and bulk items that could be sold to general store for massive amounts of cash. This will make the game healthier. Fortunately, you keep your stats so as soon as we’re live you can do slayer and other things to make money.
  5. Development Blog | Febuary 28th, 2021

    Good job guys!
  6. Yo!

    Welcome back dude!
  7. Development Blog | February 21st, 2021

    From the two times I’ve been on the staff team, this is the most promising development team I’ve seen. When we go live and have CoX ready, don’t think development of new content for NR will stop. We have lots of plans for content beyond initial release. It isn’t solely hype for CoX but hype for the return of a server we love and optimism that it can grow and future content is great too. Also, raids is fun. Why would you not be looking forward to it?
  8. Development Blog | February 21st, 2021

    It’s because we plan to release all information regarding new content and large updates to current content at one time. It’s better to let players know that certain things are changing even if we can’t specifically tell them what about those things changed.
  9. Development Blog | February 21st, 2021

    For the phoenixes I can tell you... for some reason super mystery boxes were 1/275 and legendaries were 1/250. All we did for those items was to flip them around to fix how they were supposed to have been since the beginning.
  10. Development Blog | February 21st, 2021

    All in time. I did the changes and it took forever. Information already provided in the initial post that can give you an idea on some of the changes is that the dragon kite shield was removed from tormented demons as well as the bulk runes and supplies from corporeal beast were heavily reduced. Something I can disclose that won’t give anything major away is that we went ahead and fixed many drops by bosses that were unnoted. Now pretty much all drops are noted so players don’t have to pick and choose what items to loot. This will enable them to get more out of each trip than before.
  11. Development Blog | February 21st, 2021

    We all worked hard on this stuff. Hope you guys enjoy!
  12. Yo

    Welcome bud! What you’ve done so far is amazing! Keep it up. I’m sure @mikan is doing the heavy lifting though.
  13. A wild Gengar appeared!

    Welcome to the family, JP!
  14. Top 12 PKers error

    I don’t watch hentai.
  15. Top 12 PKers error

    Why am I not on there? I have like 3 kills and 40 deaths.

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