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  1. I mentioned this on discord a couple days ago just thought I would bring it to forums as well. Could we bring rotating rares to the crystal chest? It would make the keys worth picking up and actually useful. Of course, I think the drop rate for any rares in the chest should be very rare. What do you guys think? Would definitely be more exciting to pick them up IMO.
  2. 11/10 brotha nice that you put Candice in one of the pictures I appreciate you
  3. great work death keep it up bud!
  4. We could add a fuse sink? Have a small chance when you successfully fuse two of the same pets together it would give you a damage and/or drop rate buff to that particular boss.
  5. I do like the recoloring and think that should be added regardless but after we get the color we want it will go back to square one. Trading in say 5-10 pets for the big ticket item on the drop table seems like a cool idea as well even though I feel its a little far fetched. I'm sure there's plenty of good suggestions to be had on this topic an I'll be sharing any and all that come to my mind!
  6. Getting my 5th pet slash bash brought this up in my head. What about trading pets in for rare fragments? When you have more than one of any pet they are very much useless and I think this would be a awesome addition to the game. Let me know what you guys think!

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