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  1. Everything looks promising so far.
  2. Nightmare damage boost is nice but, can it apply to the pillars as well? If you would solo it might take 30 minutes to kill the boss, even with a team of 5 in max it takes almost 15 minutes.
  3. The crawling hand only extends tasks given to you by Sumona and the task extensions are exactly what they say they are, they extend the task for that monster. If you don't want to go into the wilderness but still want to use Sumona for boss tasks, you should block all the tasks she gives that require the wilderness. For Kuradel, honestly just skip her, her tasks are usually long and usually for monsters that give little to no loot. For Krystilia, that one's honestly up to you. For her, it just comes down to the location of the monster and if it's worth the risk.
  4. Nice collection Divine.
  5. Shwake


    lol welcome back

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