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  1. Near-Reality Downtime

    Peace out for now
  2. Game Updates 14.1.1 | 12 July 2020

    Ty bb. We appreciate you!
  3. The Chambers of Xeric

    Thanks Ham. I hope this answers some questions and conveys the last minute issues that were being faced.
  4. v14 Launched!

    yup, ofc. thank you
  5. v14 Launched!

    You aren't understanding the situation. Either you are choosing not to, or it's not been made clear enough. Raids was ready, it has been through testing, bugs ironed out etc. Multiple people aside from staff members have been testing it and seeing that it was in fact functional and looked great. However, when compiling other things into the final update pushes another system messed with several of the chambers. Why wouldn't we therefore just take it down and fix the new issues? There is no good reason to leave it functioning in disrepair. You can say what you want, but the truth of the matter is, I've watched the devs put in COUNTLESS hours preparing and building this from scratch...every system, every chamber, every aspect, and the team is proud of the work put in. Sadly after all-nighters, rounds of testing, and so many labor intensive hours of putting it all together for you guys, and unforeseen glitch in the final push gets a reaction like yours. All we want to do is put out the best possible product for you guys. No one was mislead with Raids coming out in V14, it wasn't any dishonesty it was a conflict due to a new system (which held many changes). Please think about things before you guys throw shade at the devs (who work SO HARD) or the team who really wants nothing but the best for the game and who volunteer their time to help day in and day out. A plethora of other things have been worked on and added aside from Raids, and all we can do is continue to improve on the issues we have had with the launch.
  6. Game Update 13.1.8 | 13 June 2020

    Thanks Ham
  7. Going to Rehab

    Good luck and props for recognizing the problem and setting out to handle it!
  8. Game Updates 13.1.6 | 31 May 2020

    Thanks devs
  9. Near-Reality v14 | June 27th, 2020

  10. Game Updates | 15 May 2020

    Thanks Hammy! We appreciate you
  11. Game Updates 13.1.4 | 6 May 2020

    Thanks Team! Great job as always devs!
  12. Weekend Events 4/10-4/12

  13. Game Updates 13.1.1 | 31 March 2020

    Ty Ham
  14. Game Updates 13.1 | 26 March 2020

    This was an EPIC amount of work for Arham, everyone please show appreciation! Thanks Ham, u rock!
  15. Wiki Updates | 17 March 2020

    Hello Everyone! Once again, a quick update on the Wiki changes that Jeremiah & his Wiki team (Killerrun and Blood Buns) have worked on. We appreciate the effort that goes into making these changes and please remember to feel free to PM Jeremiah on discord or in game with your suggestions for things to add or be changed in the NR Wiki! Thanks guys! - Slayer Box images added to avatar pages - Barrelchest drops updated and how to find them - Black Demon Drop table updated - Blue Dragon Drop table updated - Chaos Elemental Drop table updated & Locations - Chaos Fanatic images & locations updated - Corporeal Beast page updated - Crazy Archaeologist page updated - Desert Strykes Drop table updated - Dharok Brother drop table updated - Dust Devil drop table updated - Gano Drop table updated - General Graardor drop table updated - Giant Mole Drop Table updated - Glacor drop table updated - Green Dragon drop table updated - Guthans drop table updated - Hellhound drop table updated - Ice Strykewyrm drop table updated - Iron Dragon drop table updated - Jungle Strykewyrms drop table updated - Kril Tsusaroth pet drop rate updated - Karils drop table updated - Kraken page reworked to be up to date - Luminescent Icefiend drop table updated - Mithril Dragons drop table updated and images added - Penance Queen page updated - Plane Freezer Lakhrahnaz images updated - Rammernaut drop table updated - Torag drop table updated - Tormented Demon drop table and images - Unholy Cursebearer drop table updated - Venenatis drop table updated - Verac drop table updated - Vorkath drop table updated - Amulet of the Damned page created - Bloodveld page updated - Added drop table to Bork page and updated images - Larran's chest page has been made - See you in game! NR Staff Team

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