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  1. General PVMING

    neevr played a server so far behind all its competition.. if you are going to add scythe etc, introduce raids 2.. Just slapping new items on existing bosses and its so lazy.. How have we got spawn pk servers with raids etc? Dicing?
  2. Poll 20/03/2018

    I like this tbh..
  3. Poll 20/03/2018

    Honestly i think other people will find a new server and get comfortable on it. All we want/need is updates when we are expected to get them, more activity. The poll can go either way i dont care at all, ill still play if my appeal is accepted.
  4. Poll 20/03/2018

    No for reset, its not that bad now all the pins seem to have gone. Would a reset mean refunds for people that donated on older NR's like we got when this was released? Stats no need to reset them, no idea why that is suggested tbh. Un ban all players? That's a funny one, you would certainly gain players so i dont see the problem with it tbh.
  5. Aggression

    So we have 2 ghostface? Who is the fake one then
  6. Xtr3mb3rgy's intro

    I will upload the proof you scamming me for 30 pounds worth of Rs members if you want. How does that sound for a introduction? All on discord mate.
  7. Staff team overhaul

    No construction, bl delayed and a revamp of the staff team? We are going places by the looks off it.
  8. Staff Update [02/26/2018]

    yet s00per didnt get it? you lot are so clueless its hilarious. But rager does? I like gp but i aint seen him do nothing really?
  9. buy pins 07

    1.5 my fee each

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