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  1. #THK - Team Hello Kitty!

    Christian loc?? ^^ ahh thats right dead at gano with all the other bbb/uprising wanna be's. keep scratchin kid.
  2. Near-Reality Staff Updates | December 8th, 2020

    Awesome new Chap0 Loc?

    Trump 2020
  4. server down for "updates". Relaunch ETA:2029
  5. Make Near Reality Great Again

    if you open this up on a phone, its some weird cursive ass font thats unreadable. no idea why. on a PC its regular font lol.
  6. Make Near Reality Great Again

    Its really not that hard to read something thats written right in front of you.... quit being a bitch and take it what its for. guess ill have no choice but to fix it cause I'm sure plenty more of this will be coming lol
  7. So, I realize that I’m pretty new to this particular sever, however I’ve been playing near reality for years. I’ve done it all, I’ve gone from noob, to toxic Pker, to owning more than half the eco on the last NR I played, to being staff, you name it, I’ve probably done it. That all being said I haven’t been around on this server long enough to experience all the “let downs” and “broken promises” that everyone has been talking about due to the temporary shutdown. That being said, what most of you don’t understand is the amount of work that goes into keeping a server up and running. Of course, it’s a two-way street, the player base is a HUGE part of keeping servers up. Without us, the Dev's and staff have nothing to work for. You guys need to remember that behind a screen these are people, people who most likely have 9-5 jobs and a real life outside of this game. Sure, we can all say that they aren’t forced to do this and that it’s a choice, and the money they make doing so should make NR their top priority but put yourself in their shoes. A lot of you guys talk a big game on the forums but at the end of the day don’t even know how to properly format a Microsoft excel spreadsheet. Coding a “flawless” pking system and raids and all these things people complain about takes time most of us could only dream of having. That all being said I’m not completely excusing the Dev’s of the “broken promises” they have made because like I said, I haven’t been around long enough to experience it, but instead of complaining and bashing them all over the forums and in game, maybe we can make his thread strictly about things you’d like to see going forward now that the shutdown is in place, and they are actively trying to improve the server. Patience is key, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Please remember most of the things you guys will put blow are things that will take TIME. Save the flaming and belittling for other threads because this isn’t for that. I hope you guys take this post with a grain of salt, I realize I’ll probably get tons of hate and people saying, “you don’t know because you haven’t been here” but if I can change at least a couple minds and do my part to make this server what I know it can and should be, I’ll be happy. Staff team, in my opinion you’re doing a great job, I’ve learned most of the ins and outs of this server pretty quick thanks to you guys, keep up the great work. To the Dev’s, don’t know any of you personally but from what I see you guys have some work ahead of you and I wish you the best of luck. I hope were back on top soon. Again, keep the toxicity to a minimum in the replies below, and try to focus on things to make the server better and what needs changes. I know a-lot of you feel strongly about what’s going on but bashing and bringing up the past isn’t doing any good for anyone. Good vibes to all and I hope I see you guys all back when the server opens up.
  8. I am I Hate Spots

    Hola Mr. Spots
  9. Till i see you again

    Even though I'm a bot and forgot all my knowledge of runescape maps in the last 5 years, thanks for giving us all a shot! Ive only been playing this server for a few weeks so i cant really speak on the issues it has cause i haven't experienced them but when they get fixed i hope to see you back!
  10. #NOMERCY

    gl boys
  11. NRPK Purified pk vid ~

    ding ding KO
  12. Jelles intro

    nice to meet you bruv

    The golden days of #HK

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