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  1. So I'm happy overall with the slayer updates lately, but the last one just makes the dialogue unnecessarily long when getting a new/resetting a slayer task. For people who skip a lot of tasks looking for a specific one it now takes a lot of time and button smashing. So please make this simple as it was before. Also, for people with unlimited free skips it should be obvious that we don't wanna spend points on it, so this dialogue can just be removed. It's just a detail but I wanna save some time.
  2. I'm a pleb ironman pvmer, but this honestly sounds like a GOOD idea. I can even see myself trying to get some pkp this way.. getting rekt by pkers trying though ofc.
  3. Agree, would be really nice doing Vorkath
  4. B00t collector grumble gonna do great with this update!!!
  5. Hi, I would love to have a cow slayer title added for killing 10,000 cows, for the fun of it. That was all. C 3po97
  6. Though I don't agree, a better way to do it would be to give a mechanic exclusive to ironmen. This would include, with Zulrah as example, if you get a magic fang, that drop would be "locked out" the next time you hit the 1/600 drop table. Next time you hit the 1/600 drop table, you'd either get tanzanite fang or serp visage. If you got tanzanite fang, next time you're guaranteed to get serp visage when you hit the 1/600 table. Then it'd reset and you could get either of the three. That, instead of getting 2 serps, and being able to CHOOSE either a magic fang or tanzanite fang.
  7. Absolutely sweet, this makes the herblore grind muuuuch smoother for ironmen. This was much needed, thanks bun
  8. So damn true, lemme lamp dat sht
  9. This is really amazing, I’m so happy to see nr evolve like this

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