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  1. Some of us have donated thousands of dollars and all of us feel severely disrespected right now. If you really expect the server to grow while communicating with us like this, it's your own fault the server is bleeding to death. You can't stab people in the back and then wonder why they're dying. This is embarrassingly disappointing. It's obvious we aren't cared about.
  2. I have a very strong feeling that none of these suggestions are going to be implemented or even have more than a second of thought put into them. STOP LYING TO US!!!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?! Some of us donated thousands of dollars, we deserve to know what is actually happening! I'm going to bump every day until we get a legitimate response. This is absolutely freaking ridiculous. The amount of disrespect all of us donators have felt the past month...(or longer) It hurts me. I'm not even mad, I'm severely disappointed.
  3. Zac

    Official Spam Thread

    bring back amen thread
  4. Honesty from staff. No one likes being lied to and all of us have been lied to for months.. It'd be nice to see the staff team and developers being honest with us instead of telling us what we want to hear. I think people have caught on to the lies and bullshit... Lemme guess? Jacmob has given up on NR as it is and is trying something completely new? That's the only reason we'd all be left in the dark this badly. The amount of times we've been told things were being worked on, just to find out they weren't being worked on at all or you guys ignored all of
  5. @Zack Full reset, refund donation points, come out with a world 2 that's different from NR, like Old NR did when they came out with something similar to oldschool with increased rates. Mostly just the world 2 thing that's similar to what old NR tried. I'm over the donation points, I donated to support the server anyway.

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