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  1. Raid Guide

    this aint 07 expect tekton and olm
  2. a few

    I disagree with number 1, it lets everyone know your there. Nobody likes to be pked but like it or not thats part of wildy. The wilderness is suppose to be "risk\reward" but idk if i'd say that about NR's wilderness. For number two, It'd be nice to have the 'make all' option when your wearing a max cape, but honestly maxing on NR is very easy and I don't think it should be made even easier. So my opinion is only offer that option if your maxed. I agree with the rest.
  3. Some Nostalgia for the Old Guys

    Good memories
  4. Ironmen in Wild

    I'd rather have my ironman perm skulled in wildy then have a perm +1 prot
  5. but the dev team has been trying to evolve and look where we're at...
  6. I disagree, NR has always had problems but it use to be the top rsps because it was a good game. It lost most of its playerbase because it had to shutdown for legal reasons, its not like it died out in that one version of NR. It has died out because of constant resets and 07 coming out which took most the private server player base away. We should switch up some things but people clearly liked the old version of nr more then this version so why not try and copy it.
  7. Game Updates 13.1 | 26 March 2020

    Nice finally something that is challenging in NR
  8. The truth behind Meridians.

    Aww so you can dish toxicity but you can’t take it... the main reason why I quit was because of how toxic the pvp scene is and it all started with you. You’re the one who first started posting these childish threads And from what I can tell this new clan doesn’t lie about what they post like you did.
  9. Game Updates 13.0.25 | 25th February 2020

    Can’t wait for raids to come out and become dead context in a week... I get that nr players mainly prefer pvming nowadays but spending almost half a year on a project blows my mind. Nr has many problems with both pvm and pvp that could only take weeks to fix so tbh I don’t know why you guys even started to work on raids.
  10. 5

    I keep thinking I should come back but then I see things like this...
  11. x

    I see the community is still toxic...
  12. Advertisement?

    I know you're just doing your job trying to look good to your superiors so i'm not personally mad at you but we all know how its going to be if raids ever gets finished. -It's going to get released and have a massive bug -It will be dead content in 3 days -It's going to be way to easy but thats fine because it will never be a good money maker -The rewards, specifically the tbow, will be absolute trash in most cases and the blowpipe will almost always out dps it So, I personally don't think it will be a good idea to advertise NR having raids anyway. Most rsps's got raids 1 2 years ago. Having raids 1 on a server isn't anything special anymore. It's just a joke that they're spending 5 months working on raids when most the bosses we have now are bugged. I honestly have no idea what will should advertise other then just the NR logo. This reset was somehow more of a joke then the last 5.
  13. LDI Prayer

    This games already to easy I don't think we should make it any easier
  14. Vote Events?

    They're so many small things in nr that need to be fixed\changed like this but instead they spend months working on dead content like raids and hydra...
  15. jesus you're really gonna start doing this shit again...

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