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  1. Game Updates | 14 May 2020

    community's gone wild.
  2. Game Updates | 14 May 2020

    this is a great start of compromise for the players, kudos and well done for the carefully thought out beginning method of implementing a balance for those clearly upset by recent changes. In my opinion next look should be defenses of bosses (the ones that don't make sense not nex and corp and shit they're supposed to be op.) or how certain nish use items can be brought back into use and overpowered in the right scenario i.e how dhl lance works for dragons. or how a twisted bow would scale hits based off the opponents magic level, boss or player in runescape. would be great to see some additions to already existing items, since we currently have so many upgrades in rarity but not statistics. Or tweaks to make upgrades feel slightly significant to the player, current stat adjustment made items like regular ancient armours (not deg) like vesta, zuriel, statius rendered useless. making some creatures and also a boss that is only on rdi and ldi which are 400 and 1000 respectively (hope devour) no longer worth killing because of primal's stat adjustment. maybe finding a better balance while bringing a significant 1 or 2 max hits to each upgrade, (leaving room for june's items to be the "op") rather than the current 1-2 attack bonus to hit 1.333% better on a boss u kill for 14 seconds. hope to see some good things to come to existing items. Would hate to continue to see the current state of 8+ bosses drops being better to trade in to fragment shop, instead of players.
  3. The Pride - Pherus In Singles...

    nice kills, good activity. the graves kill of me was a close call I had 25 seconds left in a 5 minute tb, tanking you in max dps while having 100 defence with void. was a close fight for those standards; however, with the recent updates to gear not upgrading at all anymore, max pk set is virtually pointless other than to maybe venom me but we all bring 6 sanfews anyway so again no point. So now there are going to be a lot closer fights in the wilderness, way more rag sets, and I guess i'll have to hire my own tb pet.
  4. PVM Combat & Slayer Helmets

    everyone tried [server removed], it was shit; do not try to copy. their pvm is trash, after 12 hours of pking 100% focus u cant afk any boss at all. we left it. and came back to you. and now you are giving us (the regular player who pks for half the time on and farms for the other half) a reason to leave again.
  5. PVM Combat & Slayer Helmets

    we know why combat was changed. we understand things are broken in near reality like magic and korasi etc. we welcome the combat changes for pvp as a pking community as a whole with open arms. however that is all it should of been. WILDERNESS. NOT PVM. this post here is only addressing slayer helms, and pvp and boss changes. what about gear changes? you just reverted the fact that a player can build up from rune-dragon-bandos-statius-vesta-primal-torva-degvesta.(and respective styes) primordial boots which are from leg mbox (which makes u money on dono store) and from cerberus which is one of the hardest and longest fights currently on near reality; a grind for a pair of primordial boots would on average take about 40 hours of nonstop combat. a regular player during covid would take 4-6 days to complete this task. for a total of +1 strength upgrade from dragon boots (which you get in first 3 hours of gameplay by accident.) you essentially made iron-man pointless. upgrades are no longer upgrades for them. we don't give a fuck about the slayer helm not hitting 160 when your not on task. YOUR NOT ON TASK. THAT MAKES SENSE. we give a fuck that our entire game and "what we grind for" and upgrade during our play period on near reality. is now virtually pointless as a standard dharokian pk set now hits 3 max hit less than bis melee gear.

    For the next month and change for the promise of "june" players now have no idea what to grind for, what is good, what is bad, is cerberus worth camping for 46 hours for +1 strength bonus? who knows? did wilderness slayer just become useless? who knows? do we need to revise all 3000 items that just got revised? who knows? is nerfing a 25b item by half the speed for the greater good justifiable? who knows?! lets talk about it! give me responses to this post about your feedback from the last few hours of current new changes. lets make nr great again.
  7. Game Updates | 19th February 2020

    is it going to be easy scape private server raids or, super fucked like vorkath raids
  8. Game Updates | 11th February 2020

    the timer for the bank pre-sets is broken. (i.e. i haven't used preset for hours or at all for the day, & then go to use it.) "you must wait 5 minutes before accessing" meaning i can't even change my presets around or edit them or even see the pre-set screen for at least 5 minutes. & then the count down starts, the count down should start after you equip a preset. fix or remove it. pl0x
  9. Game Updates | 11th February 2020

    ooooh so while you're not frozen anymore you still can?
  10. Game Updates | 11th February 2020

    why would you make it harder to press the lever
  11. Flux Weekend Pk Trip Ft. Dead Degenerates

    all i see here is 3 different mutes for prizzo
  12. Skilling Pet Benefits


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