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  1. Ganodermic Runt Pet Hunt!

    we've got a mf winner
  2. Staff and Events.

    Except I didnt have a spec weapon
  3. Staff and Events.

    Well the event itself is a HP event, so its not uncommon for the host to auto-retaliate. I understand that your saying you had auto on, but the reality still stands that what we saw, is different from your statement. And yes I started to insta tele when I noticed the whole 5+ people including you insta turn to rush anybody that just entered the wild.
  4. Staff and Events.

    I wont post his name to preserve him some decency in forums, the banhammer is fast here.
  5. Staff and Events.

    Why do we have a staff member making pking events for a clan? He advertises a Vmulti pking event, and then sits with his clan and piles anybody that comes in. Only when he gets called out he says hes fighting everyone but that's bullshit. Im tired of this shit on NR, every time NR has made a "remake" they allow this shit to happen over and over again resulting in a dogshit server over and over again, so how about we avoid that this time?
  6. Bear Squad [PK/PVM Clan]

    IGN: Iamabear Why you want to join: I love Pvming, and i love pvping, im down to do a little of both Where you have the most trouble with "PKers": Revs mostly

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