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  1. Title. Pm in game or @ me on discord Leaninn#3319
  2. Iron Man Episode 1!!

  3. NR Tour Video

    Yeah idk why I said that but if you watch the whole video I said towards the end that we hit 100+ at peak and that we will be getting more soon. And that’s just one video I will he making more. I’m not going to post on the forums every time though so sub to my channel if you want to see more!
  4. Nex Minions


    I think only remove for pvp. It’s a nice option for pvming if you have to swap to different things.
  6. Grumbledaddy Introduction

    Love u
  7. NR Tour Video

    Buy my rdi hehe but sure I had a decent sized twitch following I'm hoping they follow me to YT as I start this new platform
  8. NR Tour Video

    They dont want me for the wiki I already tried to help lol
  9. NR Tour Video

    I’m thinking of doing that actually haha. For sure I’m planning on 3 videos a week for NR.
  10. NR Tour Video

    Start of my transition from twitch to YouTube. Will mostly be making NR videos but I'm aiming to be a bigger channel with different RSPS as well.
  11. Skeagy's Intoduction

    hi skeagy
  12. Filter Game Chat

    Right now, we currently have game chat either on or off. In OSRS there is a toggle to make it filtered so you don't have to see every message for every log that burns or every ore that is mined. You still get to see the important game messages. I think it would be cool if we could implement something similar.
  13. #NOMERCY

    Good luck

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