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  1. Skilling Guide(s)

    Hellllllllo, And welcome back to YET ANOTHER information filled guide. As always, thank you so much for the support and love you show on all of my guides, you really encourage me to keep making them. Same as the rest of my guides, I will be breaking this guide up using the spoiler command to try and minimize space along with adding a bit of feasibility when navigating. Luckily, most of the Skilling on this server doesn't have a whole lot to it. There are a couple guides that are going to be a bit more in depth than others, simply on the basis that there are more opportunities and options to use when leveling. Disclaimer: This guide will tell you the QUICKEST way to achieve level 99 in each individual skill. It will NOT take into account which method is the cheapest or most cost-efficient in terms of return. The guides that are going to be included here were determined by the amount of content involved. The more complex guides including more content will be done separately. Lastly, the format of the guides are as follows: Level range; Quantity needed; Experience Given per quantity of (1). Without further ado, the Skills that are going to be covered in this guide are as follows: Woodcutting Firemaking Fletching Fishing Cooking Thieving Runecrafting Mining Smithing Hunter That will conclude this multiguide. I want to shoot a HUUUUGE thank you out to my good friend "Broke Boi" for helping me gather the information needed to complete this. Without his help this guide would have taken days to complete just solely by gathering the information required. I will be releasing more guides on the remaining skills hopefully here in the near future. I will also go more in depth on those guides since there is a lot more to them. So keep your eyes peeled for more to come. Love Always, Mamas
  2. All-in-one Clue Scroll Guide

    Hello everyone, Welcome back to another of my guides. I want to start off by saying thank you for your continued support and feedback on the guides I put out. I hope the guides offer information to help anyone and everyone who takes the time to look over them, and I hope the same for this guide as well. This guide is going to be updated regularly, as I know there are going to be clues that I cannot recall off the top of my head, or have not come across yet in game. Since the possibility of this is fairly high, I am going to post the link for the 07Wiki's sections on each category. The purpose of this guide is to provide an easier way to locate the clues that Near-Reality has implemented, so what I am doing is only including the Near-Reality clues and excluding the ones which we do not have implemented. Please, if you know a clue that is not listed within this guide do not hesitate to provide feedback either in a reply to this post of via PM. Enjoy! Note: I will be using spoiler coding to conserve space. As the title states, today's guide is going to reference none other than Clue Scrolls. I get asked day in and day out about locations of dig sites, who an anagram or a cryptic is referring to, and which crate you need to search to find... yet another clue. This guide is going to be broken up into the four different categories of clues Near-Reality has to offer. These four different categories include: Anagrams Cryptics Maps Emotes However, I will only be touching base on the three categories of Anagrams, Cryptics, and Maps on the basis that the Emotes section is extremely straight forward. If enough individuals need it though, I can edit this in the future to list where the locations in Emote clues are. ~Anagrams~ ~Maps~ ~Cryptics~ This concludes my Near-Reality clue scroll guide. As I said before, I do not doubt that there are clues I have forgotten to include in this guide, so if you come across one or know one by memory that I have not included please do not hesitate to PM me via forums or simply post a reply to this guide. Love always, Mamas

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