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  1. Amen for the most successful thread since 2013. L0L
  2. Gankin Bro

    @ Jacmob

    rename the server 2 WHALEHUNT, jacmob dont realise pleasing playerbase = more players = more money, dont waste ur time spots we all been spitting pure logic at the guy for years and its just a crash grab till its 40 online every single time.
  3. --Arcane and Dex prayer scrolls were added to the PKP shop for 400k each-- bruh... i said make em more common in raids not buyable for pkp -.- those scrolls and the tbow is the only really unique thing in raids that ppl want, now we can just buy em out the shop... no more raiding for me i geuss :/ all that time the server was down "to add raids" now were ruining it, pushing out updates that are not raid fix's (like nightmare that nobody wanted) :/ idk im disappointed. i hoped a lot for nr to be a success this time around but man... im finding it hard to believe. 110/500 online shou
  4. i think this goes way past just ironlife... droptables are all dated as f. pvm needs a global overhaul
  5. Gankin Bro

    Tired of it

    sucks mate, same happens with me, im generous i help others out, they get stacked and dont wanna know me, fuck em dont need em (Y) like u say ul come back and theyl all be stood there with their jaw on the ground waiting to slurp you for your pixels lmfao.
  6. wb, its not quite the nr it used to be but still holds the nostalgia
  7. thanks everyone! pet grind now :D!
  8. here is my old thread from last season as u can see its taken me years to comp! XD
  9. ppl die in the wild, idk why u spam the forums with this crap dude must be 340 screenshots of me nocking about?....... facepalm. drop someone for a fat af risk or killstreak then we might care xd
  10. What is your in-game Name/IRL name? -What is your age? -Do you have any previous clanning history? If so, tell us about it. -What is your discord -Do you have a Mic? -Can You Stay Idle On Discord at All Times When You Are Online on Near-Reality ? anyone that posts their name and age and plugs their disc gotta be dumb af, il pass.
  11. so toxic, did you guys split the black dhide or did u get to keep?

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