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  1. RDI

    on previous near reality, it was like getting few ores from the same ore

    THIS HERE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY PREVIOUS NEAR REALITY SKILLING PASSIVES (This used to be a requirement for dev cape) NOTE: REACHING 1B xp IS 50% THE REWARD AND 2B xp is 100% -CONSTRUCTION ideas? -AGILITY 1B xp -> 50% success obstacles 2B xp -> 100% success obstacles -HERBLORE 1B xp -> 50% success making 2 in 1 pots 2B xp -> 100% 2 in 1 pots and pots will be become noted in inventory -THIEVING 1B xp -> Loot additional 100k-1m (CASH) from stalls 2B chance of looting (ANTIQUE LAMPS) from stalls -CRAFTING 1B xp -> craft 25% faster 2B xp -> craft 50% faster -FLETCHING 1B xp -> Fletch 25% faster 2B xp -> Fletch 50% faster -SLAYER 1B xp -> additional 5 slayer points per task 2b xp -> additional 10 slayer points per task -HUNTER IDEAS? -MINING 1B xp -> Mine 25% faster 2B xp -> Mine 50% faster -SMITHING 1B xp -> Make bars and gear 25% faster 2B xp -> Make bars and gear 50% faster -FISHING 1B xp -> Catch fish 25% faster 2B xp -> Catch fish 50% faster -COOKING 1B xp -> Cook 25% faster 2B xp -> Cook 50% faster -FIREMAKING 1B xp -> Make fires 25% faster and fire last longer 2B xp -> Making fires 50% faster and fire last longer -WOODCUTTING 1B xp -> Cut wood 50% faster 2B xp -> Cut wood 100% faster -FARMING ideas?
  3. RDI

    I don't know why you say that because your legendary so your answer doesn't apply to my thread lol
  4. RDI

    your saying makes no sense at all, Woodcutting should be like mining than since I can cut 10 magic logs after 1 click lol
  5. RDI

    With mining now, to me its too much effort to click and click on ore everytime I gain 1 ore than on and on with click click click click its a bit annoying. I don't see why Expansion donators or atleast RDI get this benefit of just doing 1 click to gain atleast a couple ores.

    I don't give up (:

    I see that we us is in the top page of the wesbite, So as of today and 11th of march I will throw a DP (Idk how big but there will be rares) for if we can get passed 317 votes this month.
  8. Mysterious Emblem Trade-In Values

    So good guide
  9. Near-Reality 2.0 - Important Information

    Drax was the best owner I've seen since near reality was 1ST released years ago
  10. HYPE

    lets see if this server can gain its player base back, lol
  11. Skeletal bosses

    Like on old nr, age,claws, Statius, def Statius, vesta, deg vesta, Korasi, ship tickets, blood keys, cash 250m-500m, some other items but can’t think of all them.
  12. Skeletal bosses

  13. Skeletal bosses

    Bring back the skeletal bosses!

    I had all skills except 2 skills in choas realms:p
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