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  1. your first looks to me when you started flaming in the chatbox about is who is this guy and why the hell is he talking shit for no reason? like come on bro whats all that for?
  2. This goes to El chapo because all he does is hate on players like me. I started from 360m so you do the math buddy it only took 3 tries to max out, im successful unlike you. I hope this isn't against the rules for calling out names but el chapo wants me to show him how to make money easily.
  3. nice man, this server is dead bro lol
  4. This is how fast I get money
  5. Impressive i think goals like tthis is more fun than camping bosses, i'm 1 step behind u. Add me ingame
  6. U mean people cheating?
  7. Thats pretty cool I didn't know this. do u get them randomly by skilling?
  8. your saying theres a pet that helps with wc?
  9. Bring back skeletal Trio boss room that were originally in the old NR. 3 bosses (melee, range, magic) Im not sure what all the loot was for bosses but some were like Lime, Celestial gear, D claws etc.
  10. I dont know if you played chaos-realms couple year ago with drax being owner but part of the requirements for either comp cape or dev cape was have all skills at 2b xp because there was this thing called Skilling passives and not only it was a hard and long term goal but each skill came with passive rewards. 1 of skills was woodcutting and once we reach 500m xp in wc we cut logs 25% faster and at 1b xp it was 50% faster. if you like this idea i can come up with the rest of the passive rewards for all skills.

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