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  1. Welcome to the team, Michael! Looking forward to working alongside you aswell!
  2. so does this mean, bis gear is bandos and armadyl?
  3. I have opened far less but have gotten like 3-4 uniques:)
  4. having slayer helms as insane as they used to be, just renders all other helmets useless. isnt slayer helms supposed to be bis for slayer? as the name suggests getting torva helm, morg coif, statius helm, all sucks, that could be changed by having slayer helms good on task, and decent without task
  5. these are great changes, but I think if u add all of those different items to pkp store. it basically ensures that u can get alot of bis items purely from pking. same with all the rares, basically putting a set price on rares, and making them "easily obtained"
  6. nice, the same thing happens with ruby chalices at revenant knight. its basically always dropped aswell

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