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    would be dope, i am not a skiller whatsoever but its something new
  2. Till i see you again

    Interesting arguments
  3. Community Outreach

    Rsps's is a business after all. Unfortunately nobody will be happy with any updates, there will always be two different sides to things. To have a balanced game is unheard of, to have a balanced economy is unheard of, To have a happy player base is almost certainly unheard of. Although I totally agree that if people are willing to donate then some of the updates that the community have suggested and the polls that were created and met standards for them to be introduced should have not gone ignored. Due to them being too "busy" on replicating Raids that is months over due while other rsps's have already pushed brand new content for its players. Although for donations the risk of donating is 100% loss, typically on most rsps's you donate to get a head of the game, not to pay for them to add your ideas. Its unforunate. If it were up to me I would've already scrapped Raids and pushed for better pvp content and rework the combat. Rather than having this one massive update that we have to wait months for (1 month now). Even after this big update, where would the server stand? What if this "big update" becomes a bust and players are still upset. Questions nobody really has the answer to, all we can do is wait.
  4. NRPK Purified pk vid ~

    what? i can't hear you
  5. NR Tour Video

    VERY nice vid, keep the content coming

    you literally don't even pk why you commenting?? +1
  7. pins for 07

    Bump, home in about 3 hours
  8. legendary rank

    You also get :: customs for donating X amount.
  9. Grumbledaddy Introduction

  10. pins for 07

    Looking for bulk dpins for 07 Also selling pins for nrgp - offers
  11. Death2u4free introduction

    Welcome back
  12. Game Updates 13.1.6 | 31 May 2020

    very nice was hoping for the trading post one for sure
  13. Filter Game Chat

    why not +1
  14. sale

  15. Jelles intro

    shut up roids fricken i bet your so swole you walk through doors sideways. loser.

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