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  1. PSA

    i didnt know he left, hire please.
  2. For the love of god

    It’s almost like all he has to do is listen and his problems would be solved o.O
  3. Near-Reality Downtime

    welp time to charge back my $25
  4. Important drop rate!!

  5. Don't wait for perfection

    They make updates that aren’t polled and voted on by the community. It’s always been like that. Or they’ll look at polls agree on it and do it their way still.
  6. Game Updates | 6 July 2020

  7. LMS minigame

    sir you guys are all in the same clan rain or whatever, your fight itself was not pj'd because we kept hitting each other. But after you died they tagged me with specs and fc's
  8. LMS minigame

    Thank you! Too bad they coded lms to be doodoo with no pj timers, I could've gotten complete max and still would not have enough food to last 3 fights
  9. DDS Max Hit

    LOL wtf is that
  10. LMS minigame

    sir its last man standing for a reason, not suppose to be a team based event. lol?
  11. Revs Emblems

    ahh its because of the tax, i remember those 1b tickets. Yeah I agree should be fixed.
  12. LMS minigame

    sir you were in dragon plate legs and karils top, and i didnt hit 20's, my highest hit was a 17 through prayer. I mean we could just remove those types of items from lms. No customs. Would also be much more fair id say.
  13. LMS minigame

    - Can we make it so theres no pjing to help prevent teaming, so once you attack a player another cannot hit you until the fight is over. Or you've run off their minimap. - Remove curse prayers from lms, leaching spec already gives whoever has curses the upper hand. #MakeLMSFunAgain
  14. Just a couple of lil suggestions

  15. Scav Hunt

    The Items needed & Their Amounts as followed; "Event Hoster" will be @ :: trade, for anyone who wants to see the items ingame, While "Middleman" will be hiding near Falador. Good luck! Congratulations to the winner; 0 00 0 Picture; items needed Prize; 2.5b cash & Black Santa

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