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  1. Near-Reality Downtime

    ripperoni no cheese lmao
  2. v14 Launched!

    lol @ everyone still waiting on raids. Yall gullible as fuck
  3. Game Updates 13.1.2 | 16 April 2020

  4. y

    imagine thinking your a bad ass pking clan when you're on a private server with sub 50 players lol
  5. Pet storage

    Making them alchable would be a quick n easy fix.
  6. Pathfinding Megathread

    the north east and north west corners of the wilderness resource area will cause your character to "hang" if you run around them using the mini map.
  7. Eco Fix Idea

    Bump, edited
  8. Game Updates | 19th February 2020

    Lost my spot in line apparently? Lol resubmitted and accepted my jacmob. Thanks
  9. Game Updates | 19th February 2020

    Sooo customs just being done at random, not in the order they’re received or anything? Classic NR. I guess I need to lower my expectations so I won’t be disappointed. Thanks for for the hard work Arham
  10. j

    “Dominating” and doesnt have a single good kill or loot? Gz on barrows dfs and abby whips edit: hold the phone is that a Korasi?! Y’all killing it!
  11. the un-Perm-banning of fred
  12. Cruz's Resignation

    I respect your decision to separate your self from that nonsense. Someone should report him to his country’s police.
  13. the un-Perm-banning of fred

    Don’t unban this scumbag he ruins the game for a lot of people. Constantly breaking rules and evading mutes with alts. It’s time he takes his bullshit elsewhere. #KeepFredricBanned2020
  14. Update Nex Helms

    I’d like to see some damage bonuses added to them, maybe 10-15% accuracy/damage so that full slayer and colored slayers still have a good value. Should be a set effect, not just tied to the helms.
  15. Eco Fix Idea

    Your pretty stupid if you don’t see this game is going to shit. 30 days since launch and we’re down to less than 25% of the player base we had at launch. TONS more items than players. Same stupid mistakes that were made the last several resets. The game is going to be reset again eventually. That’s how Will’s cash grab works. I’m just trying to prolong the inevitable.

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