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  1. If you are going to fight WB

    if ur talking to me than let me just say that i care about killing wb about as much as i care about my health. not at all. and you sir, need to stop choking on my cock. its been 2 weeks since i touched wb and like a week since ive logged onto this account and yet i see you say my name in every worldboss discussion. i never trolled worldboss because i knew it annoyed people like 'Iron dan' i did it to laugh at u cucks who called me "Ricky Retard" for messing up 1 worldboss by mistake. believe it or not i dont actually care about ruining ur day i just care about finding something to laugh at. and you guys were that source for a couple days. I do apologise because i didnt realise that me slowing down the hunt for anglerfish was such a traumatic experience for u. later baits see you in a couple months. luckybamf is dutch and gay.
  2. If you are going to fight WB

    and what r u gunna do if i dont
  3. ironcc

    there is not a single bit of toxicity in my body. im reformed.
  4. ironcc

    are ultimate ironmans allowed?
  5. Is this fire or not? The Lyrics are insane.

    no its utter garbage
  6. Suggestions all around

    Honestly i think there should be an event or something that teaches everyone how to pk for free and wont just crush their spirits when they start learning how to pk. I am convinced that once everyone that hates pking actually tries pking that they will enjoy it and want to do it more. but currently 90% of the playerbase just has no interest in pking or hates it. but have never tried it properly. NR brings in like new players that like pking per day but those new pkers always just leave once they see that there is no1 for the to fight. so just get the people that dont know anything about pking and get them to learn how to pk. try it and youll like it, i gurantee it.
  7. anotha bandos avatar drop

  8. WorldBoss Crybabies

    I don't care about any1's respect, and ill take it if i get jailed when i purposely get 20 people killed. but when i for the first time accidently got like 5 people killed a bunch of people started asking staff to jail me until it was over????? Aswell as when others accidently get everyone killed by meleeing it and then get jailed. or when staff members say "PM FOR TP, NO MELEEING, MUST DD" is when i finally get annoyed. there is no rule that says i cant melee the worldboss, meleeing the worldboss does LITERALLY NOTHING to anyone safespotting it. and if a staff member jails me for doing that it is just plain powerabuse.
  9. WorldBoss Crybabies

    I have no problem with people calling me a faggot for ruining it, fuck,i like it, but i do have a problem when they think they can get me banned, and when i ACTUALLY DO get jailed and kicked for it.
  10. WorldBoss Crybabies

    Why does everyone seem to think it's a bannable offence to not safespot worldboss? it was not even intended for you to be able to safespot it and yet when i (purposely or accidently) ruin the safespot they say something like "IrOn gIAnT iS mEssiNg Up saFeSp0t, pLeasE KiCk" And Now it has even gotten to the point where i have actually been jailed multiple times due to either staff members having a cry about me not helping them exploit or staff just trying to shut the crybabies up. I even at one point got teleported home and jailed then unjailed just because i was using melee on the boss. The staff member thought this was appropriate because "He didn't want anyone to ruin the safespot he made". IT IS NOT AGAINST THE RULES TO BREAK THE SAFESPOT, THERE IS NO RULE ABOUT ME NOT BEING ALLOWED TO MELEE THE FUCKING BOSS. I from now on, will dedicate my career to ruining the safespot just to annoy the crybabies and to see the pleasuring crys for help to the staff members.
  11. Remove/Severly Nerf Zbow

    In the nicest way possible, Which retard thought it would be a good idea to make an item like that?. either remove it from the game, make its attack speed a quarter of what it is, or make its accuracy a quarter of what it is. this shit out-dps' 10 limes at once. like it just baffles me how someone could think that would be balanced, test it multiple times and still think its balanced, hear people say its not balanced, and still think its balanced. that shit is the worst addition to nr since construction.
  12. Lime Whip *

    I'd prefer they made it worth 0. i have complaints that a regular lime is usable in wildy and you want lime* to be used?
  13. Maxed! again :D

    Nice 5 hours of work!
  14. General PVMING

    i only read the first paragraph and i couldnt disagree more, fix the pking if you want nrPK to bring in PKers.
  15. News Post 11-4-18

    this was simply an unfair competition of who has the better gear to kill them faster.

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