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  1. Infinity Boots (Kept on Death)

    Wizard boots are +4 mage attack and +4 nage defence, compared to the infinity boots which are +5 in both. Wizard boots are also 180gp from the NPC 'Giles'.
  2. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    AFK's for an hour. Oh lord if only you were right. More goes on behind the scenes than some of you guys realise
  3. Game Updates 13.0.23 | 13th January 2020

    Because she deserves to be?
  4. Game Updates 13.0.23 | 13th January 2020

    Top shagger Ham Good job!!
  5. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    Raids is not on hold, it's being tested. You lot would only moan it was released and buggy. It's a huge piece of content. Jacmob says what happens and what doesn't. And Arham works hard behind the scenes as proven by him implementing the drop announcements once brought to his attention. Chill out.
  6. So who's here from before 2015?

  7. Cruz's Resignation

    Sad to see you go man. Thanks for everything
  8. Item Stats: Assembler-Comp

    No point buffing Assembler seen as its BIS.
  9. Nex droptable/mechanics

    Let's get funky!
  10. Near-Reality has launched! Upcoming updates & more!

  11. Random Pking Supplies

    Great idea for increase wilderness activity, however also the problem with making sure it's balanced!
  12. Relaunch information - Change of date

    The right decision to make here @Cayleb No need to rush it and fail. Let's do this properly! Well done to the Devs doing absolute bits to get this as far as it has already!
  13. Relaunch Updates | 23rd November 2019

    Great work man! Gassed for relaunch!!
  14. Trading post poll

    I feel TP is useful, however I do feel that new players may look at the TP for item prices, which may not truly reflect the actual price being used in player to player trades.
  15. Relaunch Updates | 26th October 2019

    Good job boyo!

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