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  1. Hi Arkasha, Just to point out first, the 2B exp cape took nearly 2 years to achieve, and several hundred bill worth of supplies, while the completionist cape can be achieved in a few months. Comp cape is awarded to those who are exactly as the name describes, a completionist of the game, that includes every avenue of content from skilling, to pvming, to pking, to pet hunting. Now, I can understand the issues you have bought forward with the bounty system, I will ask if we can have a full rundown of how the pairing system works, and perhaps we can discuss something regarding th
  2. There are such a large quantity of dragon boots and furies in game that you could earn hundreds of thousands of pkp with these items at a minuscule price. Once the economy for these items hopefully levels out, we can revisit allowing the store to be functional for sellback again.
  3. Hi Slider, Nice idea, I've linked the thread into the staff chat, i'll report back here with the outcome. Thanks, Cayleb
  4. Yes, mine were just examples.
  5. Hi Rumad, I like the idea, but would only like it in the form of skill mastery capes. Wearing 2b defence cape = health regen, wc cape = double logs, so on and so forth.
  6. I need to understand what more you want out of this. Using the slayer helm update again as an example, we absolutely listened and heard the complaints, so much so that we made the compromise of nerfing boss defence, you've all voiced your opinions on how it wasn't good or how you were displeased with it, so where do we go from here? Will and the staff team on one side, and you as the players on the other both with opposing views, so where is the line drawn on final decision making? With this, all i can assure you is that every thread is read and every thread is discu
  7. Community manager is exactly the position you're describing. With Flints departure, we are in search of a new one. As for the slayer helmets, it was extremely necessary for them to be nerfed for the longevity of the game. They were at a level where we were completely capped as for what content we could introduce. Serps, gauntlet armors, neitz faceguard, ancestral, justiciar etc anything we could or would potentially introduce would all be dead content if slayers were kept how they were, no matter their stats or set bonus. The only way to release a headgear slot item better than sla
  8. Nice, thanks for the update. Custom titles pog
  9. I'm also going to vote no to this. I don't see the reasoning behind ironmen being able to A, be exempt from the target system, and B, being able to protect an item purely for the reason of being a grind to collect. The ironman mode is designed to be more difficult than the regular modes, I don't see why an advantage would be offered.
  10. Awesome work, thanks everyone
  11. Boss points. Nice work Lare, lots of people been asking how this works. Thanks for the clarification.

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