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  1. Game Updates | 6 July 2020

    There are such a large quantity of dragon boots and furies in game that you could earn hundreds of thousands of pkp with these items at a minuscule price. Once the economy for these items hopefully levels out, we can revisit allowing the store to be functional for sellback again.
  2. my bank


    Hi Slider, Nice idea, I've linked the thread into the staff chat, i'll report back here with the outcome. Thanks, Cayleb

    Yes, mine were just examples.
  5. Game Update 13.1.7 | 5 June 2020

    Nice work as always, thanks

    Hi Rumad, I like the idea, but would only like it in the form of skill mastery capes. Wearing 2b defence cape = health regen, wc cape = double logs, so on and so forth.
  7. Community Outreach

    I need to understand what more you want out of this. Using the slayer helm update again as an example, we absolutely listened and heard the complaints, so much so that we made the compromise of nerfing boss defence, you've all voiced your opinions on how it wasn't good or how you were displeased with it, so where do we go from here? Will and the staff team on one side, and you as the players on the other both with opposing views, so where is the line drawn on final decision making? With this, all i can assure you is that every thread is read and every thread is discussed regarding the game. I will agree that we could do a much better job at answering said threads, so from this point forward, I will do my best to ensure threads are answered. When you say unbiased feedback, give me an example.
  8. Community Outreach

    Community manager is exactly the position you're describing. With Flints departure, we are in search of a new one. As for the slayer helmets, it was extremely necessary for them to be nerfed for the longevity of the game. They were at a level where we were completely capped as for what content we could introduce. Serps, gauntlet armors, neitz faceguard, ancestral, justiciar etc anything we could or would potentially introduce would all be dead content if slayers were kept how they were, no matter their stats or set bonus. The only way to release a headgear slot item better than slayers would be to make a custom, and doing so offer it ludicrous stats to be able to compete with slayers. While I agree to an extent, there is only one person who owns the game and who is paying the bills for the server and has the last say in what happens. Yes you guys have spent money and essentially donated towards the upkeep of the game, but at the end of the day, it doesn't guarantee you a say in content that happens, especially content that we know will receive negative reviews, but must be considered to ensure growth. My last comment carries on to this. There are no servers where the community controls the updates or additions to the game. If we are purely talking about the slayer helm update, i hope you can understand the reasoning for it not being polled and the change being made.
  9. Some Nostalgia for the Old Guys

    I'm famous
  10. Game Updates 13.1.4 | 6 May 2020

    Nice, thanks for the update. Custom titles pog
  11. Ironmen in Wild

    I'm also going to vote no to this. I don't see the reasoning behind ironmen being able to A, be exempt from the target system, and B, being able to protect an item purely for the reason of being a grind to collect. The ironman mode is designed to be more difficult than the regular modes, I don't see why an advantage would be offered.
  12. GIM score breakdown

    Boss points. Nice work Lare, lots of people been asking how this works. Thanks for the clarification.
  13. Boss slayer

    Hi Slay, Please elaborate on what you want done with the thermonuclear smoke devil, what items could we add to the table? Rammernaughts would also need a revamp before they're added back. As for the slayer masters, I don't see an issue having wilderness bosses on the Sumona master as it adds variety to the skill, but I suppose if enough people want it changed, we could discuss it. Thanks, Cayleb
  14. Banking

    Hi Echoes, This has been talked about a few times, and we're just waiting on a definitive answer if we can do it or not. It's definitely in the books though. Going to close this thread for now, as to prevent spam, i'll forums DM you when we know if it's do-able or not. Thanks for the suggestion, Cayleb

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