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  1. Row (i)

    Can we add a function to the Row (i) to pick up coins, just like in osrs?
  2. Game Updates 13.1.6 | 31 May 2020

    Something happened with the behavior to bosses at ::Rdi, specially GWD bosses.
  3. Killstreak reset

  4. Add "Buy Request"

    +1 this is a must tbh
  5. Arclight Mobs

    can u lower hp on luminescent ice fiends
  6. Pathfinding Megathread

    All area around wildy resource area is glitchy and path is messed up.
  7. Donator Perks

    Hi, It's not a big suggestion or change but I would like to see more spaces in the Bank, maybe this could be a donator perk; e.i., DI: gets 100 more and DIE on and so on. Small adition: more "Presets" slots for Donators.
  8. Game Updates | 14 May 2020

    You need to change the HP of Luminescent Icefiends, they are way to powerfull with 325 HP. @Arham
  9. Random Pking Supplies

    So was this ever discussed?
  10. Ganodermic items

    The donation should help with making life easier. Hense the gwd bosses in rdi. It SHOULD not have exclusive game-breaking, safespotting Bosses such as Avatar ik its 1k donation but theres gotta be another way to get ur moneys worth for example you guys could get an option to choose ur slayer tasks...idk. But making bosses exclusive is a mistake in my opinion but anyway lets look at the past resets and all the problems the boss made.
  11. Petition to remove Bandos Avatar

    this will eventually fuck the game up, just let it be lol
  12. Client - Fullscreen Issue

    Idk where I should post this. Before the reset when you would try to resize the client it would make the screen larger, but without making other tabs larger...what I mean is that when you went full screen, the bank tab, for example, would not resize accordingly, and you would have a large screen with a tiny bank. Can any1 confirm if this is a computer-related issue or a client related issue? Thanks. @arham @Mraussienoob @any1
  13. Random Pking Supplies

    I agree, but the upsides are way more valuable, in my opinion. It could be a simple, yet effective way to make shit NPCs worth it such as anku for example. Anyways hope at least devs consider it. @Arham
  14. Relaunch Updates | 23rd November 2019

    Yey, back to shit Nr with bandos avatar being camped and eco ruined, who guessed.

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