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  1. I own you and the rest of the faggots you call team
  2. Still the best clan to ever do it on this shit server lol…
  3. They don’t rate ylu bro t so TLDR; NR will close again, and open in a month or so
  4. Haven’t been active in like 2 weeks, any updates? What’s going on with NR? GOSSIP WITH ME!!
  5. @Flintwhat the fuck is this shit? no pvp updates? the wilderness is broken and he’s focusing on shit that’s not important
  6. THANK YOU.. Any pvm update that happens.. somehow fucks up something in the wilderness lol
  7. The equation is simple. Pvmers feed on money, Pkers feed on Pvmers. PKP is the core currency of the wilderness through player killing or ONLY revs, unless an individual is risking. There have been countless suggestions on PVP updates, but this one will surely fix it all. Obviously excluding the bugs and glitches and the "flawless map and pathing". NPC's DROPPING PKP! It's very very easy. If we have EVERY Npc dropping a certain amount of PKP from them in the wilderness, the wilderness will be FLOODED with Pvmers/Pkers. This way, we can also wor
  8. This could work. I have no issue helping to better the server!
  9. Brilliant idea.

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