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  1. Hello old friends

    Hello friends, anyone around from the old NR days? or CR days? I've only ever gone by the usernames Lee/Depressions I've seen a few familiar names on here from quickly browsing, but it's probably been a long while since I've even spoken to alot of you. Brief history of myself (RSPS wise) Admin on original NR (Promoted by Matt, he told me if i fucked up as a server support he was going to kill me and my family) Advisor on Chaos Realm (Fuck you Drax you lazy afk bitch) Not played any RSPS after that. Hi Merki if you're still on rsps you dirty londoner
  2. Where my old timers at?

    Hello my old friend. It's been a long long time haha. How're you man? You'll probably remember me as Depressions/Lee (Depending how well your memory is)
  3. Where my old timers at?

  4. Lee

    hi friends
  5. Lee

    also hi pals, fuck u dylan u get retired staff on every server loool never change man
  6. Lee

    lmao jason / sixtyonemillion i saw ur name i was like DONT KILL HIM I KNOW HIM
  7. Lee

    I've had people message me on Facebook aloooot asking if "Lee" is me ingame, someone's pretending to be me basically lol. But no, it's not me. I don't play any private server anymore and probably won't in the forseeable future, hello to old friends though! I'll hang around the forums I guess but will never be ingame. Ask me anything and i'll prove it's me. ps fuck u stargazer if ur here bch fk u too chengyang

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