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  1. Ello guys, seems i have been in relaunches forever, this rsps has been my all time favorite and I always enjoyed the community and the content and everytime i hope the best for the sv so keep it up guys and thanks for the hard work as always. Hope to see you soon.
  2. Slaykamv


    I feel revenants atm are too strong in making money, and should be nerfed i account of drop rates for statues and relics. Also being in the caves all together in multi means clans can easily monopolize the entire cave just waiting for anyone who comes, havin alts on the entrance, i know that it should be a high risk high pay option but there are clans who are just stacking money from it alone. So my suggestion would be either nerfing the revs drop rates for cash and statues or reverting the revs to how they used to be scattered through the whole wildy and have the best drops those i
  3. Id say that for thermonuclear smoke Devils the occult and staff drop should be kept. And since ive seen some ironmen talk about not having reliable ways to get prayer, restores or sanfews I say add high tier herblore supplies, as well as barrage runes and the potions in question For rammernauts i actually have no clue, so if others could contribute to it
  4. I suggest wildy bosses should be removed from regular boss slayer since there is already a wildy boss master, also add rammernauts since is kind of dead, also revamp thermonuclear drops
  5. Im buying a drop rate pin, pm me ingame or post if anyone sells
  6. ayyyy thats a new one, GL mate and hope to see you in-game

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