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  1. Hey everyone, In preparation for a largely requested piece of content that I'll address later this week in a development blog, today's update covers a handful of fixes to address the quality of life of content as well as also applying buffs and nerfs to mechanics within other areas of content that have been frequently requested. Today's updates are: A prayer altar has been added to the high-risk pvp area. The use of protection prayers has been disabled within the Void tournament preset. Fixed a bug preventing the use of anchovy pizzas during the F2P
  2. Hello everyone, After a few days of observing the results of the previous game update, in regards to addressing pathing and the combat-related hit delays, it proved to have overall success with addressing the root cause of these issues. I have gone ahead and extended support to apply these fixes in other areas of the game to improve the functionality of content that has since been negatively effected by the aforementioned issues. Raids, which is a piece of content that has always had some underlying issue for as long as I have been aboard the team, was one of the bigger pieces I pi
  3. Sup! This update focuses a handful of issues that impeded gameplay in a handful of areas. Also, should help contribute to the quality of life with PvP. Underlying changes have been made to the core pathing system which should effectively rid oddities of coming across impassable tiles or running through objects you shouldn't. Another issue addressed is the flow of special attacks within PvP. An issue has been identified which effectively caused damage from special attacks applied to a target to be delayed. This issue was, at first, simple to resolve on paper, but after it became a r
  4. Sup! Another day, another set of game patches! Consistency is key and we want to continuously work towards crafting the gameplay experience so that it is equally enjoyable for all types of players across the board. Here is today's updates: Added a command (::task) to quick-view your current Slayer assignment info. Extended the PJ timer when inside the high-risk PvP instance. You can now navigate over to the quest tab and view the current total players inside the Wilderness. There is now a 20 second cooldown period when recently leaving the Wilderness b
  5. Aye! Today's update tackles some bugs that have been long overdue. This week's focus has been revamping a few systems briefly mentioned in previous updates concerning pathing and PvP. We'll be gauging the outcome and perform any adjustments in the following days based on the feedback provided. Here's the patch list for today: The spawn location for the HP event, when in Varrock multi, has been relocated slightly deeper in the Wilderness (at hill giants) to serve a bit more risk. A bug causing event rewards during PvP events specifically not being given their rewar
  6. This is just a quick follow-up update to resolve a few things from the previous update as well as some adjustments that didn't fit into the previous update. An official update will be made on Wednesday in preparation for the Bloodlust release. Fixed a bug allowing dwarf cannons to be used during the HP events. Fixed a causing winners of the active global event to not receive their rewards automatically. The designated NPC target in the HP events will now only walk within a fixed radius of the spawn location. A bug related to disconnecting when opening the Items Kept on
  7. Sup! This update is in preparation of the Bloodlust event kicking off later this week. I have been keeping eyes out for all major concerns regarding things with PvP, pathing and overall quality of life. This along with another update coming within the next day or two will address the underlying combat issues and pathing oddities. Anyway, here's the change log for today: Automated world events are now active and work as follows: Every few hours a scheduled event will kick off allowing any participants to join. Winner of each event will be awarded t
  8. Sup! I know this isn't the familiar face who usually brings you the update logs, but we're switching it up today. To give you a quick tl;dr regarding who I am, I am one of the lead developers who semi-recently started working under Near-Reality (~3 months or so ago). We have a lot coming your way within the weeks to comes and I'll be making a more informative post later this week discussing some big projects and system revamps that I have seen heavily requested. More on those things later, but without further delay here is the patch notes for today: Sacrificing bones to the

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