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  1. Near-Reality Staff Updates | December 8th, 2020

    Thousands. Thousands and Thousands!
  2. Near-Reality Staff Updates | December 8th, 2020

    "forgot" just like we "forgot" el chap0 funding the server almost single handedly....
  3. why can't we play normal server?

    Sounds like you just need to make a new game. One with ToB and nightmare....
  4. Hi, I am Michael

    Except we were told that there would be updates on progress, so what are you working on? What have you done so far? What are your plans? Do you have the original spaghetti code or do you want to buy it?
  5. Hi, I am Michael

    Fake news. Post some updates and we will believe you.
  6. Any Estimated Release Date?

    Yea man when are you willing to donate a lot of money like we're talking about Will needing like 4 of 5 pairs of Yeezes' and like a new Guchi belt. Do you have that kind of money?
  7. Sorry man hate to tell you but you were probably banned for being afk for too long. Seems to have happened a lot. Did you make any donations?
  8. Buying up to 300m

    Bro go somewhere else with your scamming ass.
  9. Refund?

    There is a big problem with that because no where on the site does it say that it is a donation. It all say buy or purchase suggesting that he is in fact selling content that is not being provided.
  10. One big LoL

    look forward to it. Will post tanning pics when done.
  11. Refund?

    Lol "retired" Nice cape bud
  12. One big LoL

    Sorry man water on the laptop we run the server on you know eta till fixed??? When are you all sending more money? I promise we will put adds out. Adds for a new pc that i can use. On the beach.
  13. One big LoL

    Isn't it funny how the server is down but the store is still up and running? Just says it all about this game now doesn't it?
  14. Just 'beach time'

    Life's a beach and youre here bro?!
  15. For the love of god

    Bring back Torn67. At least there was new original content on a timely basis....

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