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  1. Numbers don’t mean shit when 90% of the team can’t left click
  2. Desperation. RIP @Criz and his Near Reality career.
  3. Love you Hippo, Been a pleasure mate
  4. It’s sad to say that this is the end of something special, The day has come where I leave the team and Near Reality. Near Reality has had its ups and downs over the last couple of years, This is definitely something that was long overdue. I know a lot of the newer player base won’t know who I am because of my recent activity. I’ve been a player since original NR and I’ve been staff twice now over the last couple of years and it’s been an absolute blast. It’s sad to say I’m leaving and not that anyone from the server itself will care this was more for the staff team in general.
  5. You have to bare in mind that comp is currently the best cape in game, Allowing you to pay for an achievement defeats the point of it being an achievement, It’s meant to be challenging. On top of that you still gain pkp for the kills you get, As well as the target kill reward. That to me is still pkp farming.
  6. Can’t say I’ve seen you win
  7. If you are manually putting the downloaded cache folder into the client folder and opening legacy it will work, If it doesn’t you’re doing it wrong or missing something. Did you check your java was correct?
  8. I can do you one, Check out @Torn67 signature. Awesome work.
  9. I like the idea in a way, Having the ability for anyone to host at any time would tarnish the idea behind events. I believe keeping it the way we currently have it is better for everyone, Thanks for your suggestion tho! Ticket

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