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  1. Keep us in the loop?

    LOL He's only wrong in that they wouldn't update us even if there were updates
  2. Near-Reality back online!

    Able to and willing to are two very different things. Considering how much $ he raked in the first week of relaunch I'm sure he's able. But then he won't be able to relaunch again and get more donations from it....
  3. [Notice to Anyone] Server Lag

    I was on the team at the time.... I think I would know what happened
  4. [Notice to Anyone] Server Lag

    bruh what. did anyone leave with JB? we left with torn because we all saw this coming
  5. What are the plans right now?

    Homie raids were never actually worked on since Torn presented the idea in a whole ass powerpoint and will just said meh maybe later and never discussed it
  6. ight
  7. ight
  8. ight
  9. What are the plans right now?

    LOL I love how much effort has gone into this stupid fucking polling system. Throwback to when we literally had working polls on the forums and will didn't bother trying to fix them but will waste hours upon hours of dev time on an ingame interface thats been "almost ready" since before I left
  10. The Future of Near-Reality

    double LOL
  11. Near-Reality Staff Updates | August 9th, 2019

    Sad I don't get a staff update post
  12. Moving on

    Hi everyone, My time is up. IRL commitments and leadership differences have pushed me out sooner than I would have liked. I'll miss the lads on the team that I have tremendous respect for and Pag for being my patrón the whole way through. To those that are happy to see me go, fuck you.

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