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  1. Game Updates | 21st January 2020

    not bad update, could be better but still great things added
  2. Ganodermic Runt Pet Hunt!

  3. Voting Priorities

    +1 I agree, in order to get people to play, unique users matter and it’s difficult when not everybody votes
  4. Bear Squad [PK/PVM Clan]

    IGN: Airchino32 Do you have/use Discord: why yes of course Main reason you want to join: love the experience of being in a clan and want to pk more
  5. Gank's bank / acc progress

    Nice work man!
  6. Long time no see

    No problem! It is actually a great time to join with the current boom in population and although there was an eco reset, it seems as if money has already been distributed vastly again.
  7. Long time no see

    Welcome back! If you have any questions just hit me up I’d love to help but yeah the server recently had a economy reset.
  8. Staff Update 5/14/2018

    Congrats to both of you! I’m glad to see two hard workers looking to enhance the server!
  9. Game Updates | 05/06/2018 | Bug Fixes

    Thank you for the update!
  10. Staff Update 02/03/2018

    Congrats bro!
  11. Staff Update [02/26/2018]

    Congratulations to everybody! Best of luck! I hope to see you all prosper and become great staff! @Mod Jacmob can we get an explanation on the Nade issue? If it’s not possible or he wants to keep it private I completely understand but people are questioning and I believe out of respect they deserve to know.
  12. Content poll: 2/22/2018

    Ok so some suggestions, I think vorkath we can have in Die aswell. Also I think in consideration of FFA, I think we should try some bridding, some tank ones, then some with monk robes and OP weapons, sorry for my broad and vague statements, I’m at school trying to quickly type lol.
  13. Weekly scheduled events

    Great idea Nade, can’t wait to see what else you can bring to help improve this server! If you need help pm me and I will help test anything or give you ideas aswell!
  14. Sellins pins!

    I'm selling 5 Dpins looking for Nrgp but will accept 07! pm me!

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