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  1. Wiki Updates | 12 March 2020

    Nice work. Must have taken a lot of effort.
  2. Corona Virus

    Haha "Postponed due to Coronavirus" - good sense of humor
  3. Lottery

    Bump #fixeco
  4. Selling Dpins OSRS

    In stock: 15 DPINS Looking to sell them all, or most of them, in one transaction. Taking serious offers only. Msg me if interested.
  5. 1800downed stepping down

    Hope you will get well soon. Please be kind to yourself. Thanks for your immense contribution to NR and hope to see you around.
  6. Relaunch Updates | 9th November 2019

    Nice work, devs. I read Jacmob's post regarding reintroduction of TP. It's a nice feature to have for people to trade conveniently, but it was one of the root causes of eco crash due to people dumping their items dirt cheap to cash out their pins/as well as other reasons. This forced others to do the same, and prices were always fluctuating. Eco of NR has always been an escalating issue leading to reset, not much of a development issue, so naturally eco should be a main focus with creative solutions. Pin trading should have a new policy to prevent eco crashes, removal of slayer pet, revamp lottery system for better money sink, revisit boss/wildy drop tables, etc to name a few solutions top of my head. If eco is stable, you guys can safely offer more incentives for donators at different tiers without the consequences of jeopardizing the economy. In addition, the previous iteration of NR also had a server stability problem- within the first few weeks tons of dc's, lags, etc. The numbers drastically decreased from 400-100 players in a matter of weeks. People were upset that their gaming experience was stressful to the point where gameplay was impossible. So please only release NR when it's fully ready and you've had sufficient testing. I firmly believe if you guys could solve these root problems - eco and server stability, the server will have enduring longevity. If the player base is growing, the game makes money and players are happy - win/win situation. I've seen the effort the dev team has put forth so far, and it looks like there is a chance for a long term NR without reset if good decisions are made this time. NR has a very loyal player base despite the repetitive resets, so hopefully you guys can deliver this time. Good luck. We're all rooting for your success.
  7. Trading post poll

    NR isn't designed to be compatible with a trading post for one main reason -> Pin trade. People want to cash out daily by selling their items at ridiculously cheap price in the TP which causes market panic and crash. Obviously they can sell their items dirt cheap without the trading post, but it would take them longer and more effort rather than just putting items in TP to sell overnight. They'll end up staking their items rather than trading if they have to wait, this will help the eco tremendously by preventing crashes. Other reasons against TP are mentioned in this post already.
  8. Relaunch Updates | 26th October 2019

    Keep up the good work.
  9. Suggestions for Dec 1st

    For someone who made a million threads about saving NR, I'm surprised you would suggest refund from rerelease of v13. This just seems like you are putting your own interest above the server. This would result in mass influx of items and pins into the game if everyone gets refunded that far back. The eco would be dead on the very first day. @Mod Jacmob Option 1: Limit on number of OP items that can be purchased on first few weeks (limes/korasi/bp etc) so people don't run around with max gear on first day and farm every PVM boss known to man. Option 2: Raise price of Lime/BP/OP weps/armour in store on first few weeks and slowly adjust overtime so eco can manage. Option 3: Not allow purchase of Lime/BP/etc first few weeks to give the eco time to adjust. Additional: - Revisit drop tables - Remove slayer pet 2x slayer points effect - Make better lotto system to sink items/cash more effectively. Should be completed by release of Dec NR for it to have the full impact and not late into the game - Add more item/cash sinkers since every NR version has an eco problem
  10. Near-Reality 2.0 - Important Information

    Remove slayer pet 2x slayer point/task. People were purchasing ring of wealth/slayer helms at an unprecedented rate which led to mass influx of items into the game.
  11. Near-Reality 2.0 - Important Information

    Fix inflated eco, lag/dc issues, consistent promotion/marketing, don't insert staff bias into clans
  12. Voting Priorities

    All your points make sense and I agree they should revamp voting to make it attractive for players to vote on a daily basis. Currently NR is #24 on RuneLocus and it has dropped significantly since restart. Some ideas to make people vote: 1) Vote tickets tradable in-game with a shop instead of forum. People can redeem the vote tickets and purchase items from the vote store. 2) List 6+ vote sites in priority of most popular to least popular -> people would have to vote on at least 5 to qualify for the vote point. 3) Voting streak -> If you vote 7x days in a row you get a special mystery box (better than regular mystery box). This would encourage people to vote on a daily basis.
  13. Staff and Events.

    Based on experience Clans and Staff should not be affiliated. Even if they were affiliated, staff should use an alt to prevent anyone feeling disadvantaged when competing in an event. We had Flux, Rain, VH, and remnant clans at the start of this NR. Everything was doing well until every clan started accusing each other of Staff biases which could have been prevented if there were proper protocols in place to prevent conflict of interest. If a major clan leaves the server it hurts the pking scene due to lack of competition. I'm probably going to get criticized for these remarks, but this is my honest opinion about the pking situation. Good luck.
  14. How to save nrpk... (critical post)

    Insightful and pretty much spot on with most of the issues. Care to offer solutions?
  15. Lottery

    Lottery system has a huge positive impact in the game by acting as an eco sink and ensuring a stable economy. Here are some suggestions to make the lotto system more user-friendly and popular: 1) Remove lotto limit and allow Reward Token to be used as lotto currency - Remove lotto limit - big pots attract people to purchase more tickets - A 10B lotto will attract more participants than a 2B lotto - Allow Reward Token to be used in the lotto - The lotto NPC will award Reward Tokens instead of cash - Unlimited lotto will be more exciting and better as a sink than a fixed 2B pot - We could potentially see very big pots which are beneficial to the eco 2) Option to allow items to be added to the lottery - Set each common items (chaotics, claws, ags, limes, etc) at or below street value, e.g. Chaotics = 50M ea, so 20x entries (2.5M/entry) - Items can be used to enter the lotto and the player can get "x amount of entries" - Simply use the item on the Lotto NPC and he will tell you how many entries you can get, then confirm the ticket purchase - This would act as another item sink while converting them to cash (the 20% tax will more than take care of any surplus) - People can use the lotto to get rid of items that are difficult to sell for a chance at the lotto pot 3) Minimum lotto requirement reduced - Reduction of minimum lotto ticket from 5M to 2.5M to allow more people to participate 4) Notifications & Timer - After lotto has reached 100M, a 10 minute timer will begin instead of waiting for the pot to reach 2B - Server announcement with pot size at 10min, 5min, 1min - In the long run drawing at shorter intervals will be more productive of a sink than waiting for the pot to reach 2B - This will prevent people from having to wait for long hours or days to find out the winner(s) and they will be more likely to participate 5) Lotto NPC - Make the NPC talk in the game (without message in the chatbox) announcing the lotto pot size and how much time left till pot is drawn - The NPC should be located in a more visible location inside the bank near the Trading Post for convenience 6) ::Lottery - Teleports directly to the lotto NPC

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